Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Skewed Perceptions & Mind Games

Hey fellow foodies!

Wow, one week into my blogging adventure and I've already skipped two days of posts... looks like we're off to a good start, huh?  I've been especially busy this week due to my usual 9-5 job and an additional job training that is going on from 7-9 this week!  Good news: the new job is at my gym, so there's really no excuse for me to avoid the rows of exercise machines and equipment...

Have no fear, I will follow this post with an additional post that documents all the delicious (and decadent) food that I've been consuming recently, but first I want to address something that I think gets overlooked by everyone

Skewed perceptions.

Whether we eat and exercise to lose weight, to manage our weight, or just to enjoy, sometimes we get caught up in our own "little worlds" and we lose sight of, well, reality.  Let me give you an example so you don't think I sound like a complete nutcase - last night, I was sitting on my couch complaining to my roommate about the crazy amount of snacking I've been doing recently.  She asked me what I've been eating.  So I break out the list: a few almonds, some granola, a banana smoothie, some popcorn, a few bites of an apple.... blah blah.  She then looked at me like I was delusional (which maybe half of you are thinking right now).

I was feeling guilty for snacking on things that are, in honestly, extremely healthy!  It's not like I'm sitting there chowing down on cheetos and soft drinks, but none the less I'm feeling guilty - but why? 

When we get caught up in our own routines and our own "guidelines,"  we forget to check in with reality.  Compared with the rest of the world, working out 6 days a week is CRAZY GOOD! So why do we feel guilty for taking those days off to recover?  Compared to what everyone else is eating, frozen yogurt is a GREAT way to satisfy your sweet tooth in place of chocolate cakes, ice cream, and twinkies.  Compared to the majority of the nation, and probably the majority of your peers, you're probably at a healthy weight and a healthy BMI, so why do we freak out when the scale jumps up .3 pounds??  SERIOUSLY!

Our mind likes to trick us into making us feel bad...
and it needs a swift kick in the ass.

Guys, reality check time.  Put away the guilt cause we're all living healthy and active lifestyles.  If you catch yourself slipping into your own world, take a step back and look at the big picture, because it'll make you smile :)  you're amazing!

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