About the Foodie

Hey guys!  I'm Casey -- Thanks for stopping by to see what I'm all about!

A few quick facts: I'm a college student in the Bay Area who's trying to find the balance in life! Some days, it's a balance between studying and trying have a semi-social life... others, it's a struggle to find balance between making healthy choices and eating my weight in all-things frosted!  I love to cook.  I love to get my sweat on.  And I'd love to share it all with you!

Although I'm a pretty complicated individual, I can be easily summed up by a handful of things:
My love for my family. 

They're weird.  We're weird.  They're my greatest source of inspiration and support and I consider my sister my built-in best friend. 

My desire to live a healthy and active lifestyle:
I run everyday.  I'm training for my first marathon.  And I'm still trying to figure out a way to fit cookies into my running pack without squishing them....

And my obsession with food:
I consider myself a foodie but not a food snob.  I love salads, although they always taste better if somebody else makes them. Eating healthy is a choice, not a duty.  I indulge on a daily basis. Frozen yogurt is the foundation of my food pyramid.  I couldn't live without carrot cake. And I could eat oatmeal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Over the few short months that I've been blogging, I've already noticed a change in myself and in my thinking: healthy living isn't complicated.  It's not about weight (although we've all been there...) or following "diet" rules.  It's about balance.  Run.  Eat a cookie.  And be happy!!

This blog follows me on my journey through life --
 enjoying food and fitness with friends and family!