Sunday, February 12, 2012

Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

Hey guys!  
How was your weekend?
I bet you're all watching the Grammy's right now -- anybody else laughing at Taylor Swift's outfit and morning the loss of Whitney Houston?  Rough weekend for the celebs....

I don't want to post about Saturday because a large portion of it was spent either lounging in bed or studying... however I do have an honorable mention!

Saturday's Workout:
As alluded to in my post title, this weekend was all about stepping out of my comfort zone.  My workout comfort zone to be exact.

I planned a speed workout on the track with a guy from the gym but I woke up on Saturday feeling really sore and lethargic -- my body and my brain were just exhausted.  There was no denying it.  So I rescheduled and ended up taking an active recovery rest day.  How?

I decided to grab my yoga mat and run a really slow three miles before heading to an hour-long vinyasa flow yoga class! Wow!  It was perfect -- I actually enjoyed every minute of it.  Surprisingly, I was sweating an insane amount thanks to all the power yoga positions and the core work (it was actually a workout, not just a stretching session).  I left feeling 10x more rejuvenated!

Saturday Night's Activities:
Nothing much happened, although if you ask any other college student I'm sure they'd have a different story.  Instead, I decided to head to my girl, Annie's, apartment for some gossip, microwaveable dinners, modern family, and a much-needed study sesh.

Then I ended up cuddling up with a cutie to watch some dumb and dumber (THAT MOVIE IS HILARIOUS and soooo underrated!) -- I didn't make it 10 minutes before falling asleep.  It was a perfect Saturday night.


Sunday has been non-stop.  Basically, the exact opposite of my Saturday!  But, hey, that's the balance in life, right??  I always enjoy those busy days... as long as they are followed by rest days.

I was up at 7 for my morning shift at the gym, so I stumbled into the kitchen to grab a steaming cup of pumpkin spice coffee and a yogurt/cereal bowl.  
Non-fat Greek Yogurt, Blueberry Syrup, Trader Joe's Multigrain O's, Slice Bananas, Blueberries, a sprinkle of stevia, and Cinnamon!  Topped with Almond Milk... of course

I get off at 11 and I texted my speed workout buddy (who I canceled on) to see if he'd be down for a track session... I was kind of skeptical because I rarely work out right after work.  I usually need a nap and some food before.  But, his response was inspiring - "Hell yes, let's do this!!"

THEN, 3 of my male coworkers caught wind of my workout plans and decided to join... so I was kind of forced to go.  BUT, I'm SO glad I did.  I never ever do track workouts and I very rarely do speed work, so this was another stepping out of my comfort zone moment!

Our workout:

  1. - 2 mile warm up 
  2. - SuperSet x 4 times
    1. 100 meter sprint
    2. 25 push ups
    3. 1 set of stadium stairs
    4. 25 crunches

  1. 1 mile cool down

My thoughts?  I got in 3.25 miles, some strength training, some core work, some speed, and some bonding time with the fellas.  I also got my ass kicked in the push up department (somebody has flubber arms).  I'll definitely be repeating this on a weekly basis. 

Lunch & More Surprises:
I came home to the greatest surprise!  Another Valentine's Day care package arrived from my cousin!  I told you how my sister and my two cousins (aka my best friends/coolest people ever) were my valentine's this year, right?  
This goodie bag was packed with twizzlers, HOMEMADE MUDDY BUDDIES (chex cereal covered in peanut butter and coated in chocolate and powdered sugar), tons of cute vday cards, and condoms ahahahhaha hilarious.  I love this girl.

I also had lunch courtesy of my cute sandwich man at the gym!  
On the menu today: Avocado and Ricotta Cheese Sandwich with extra cheese on homemade artisan bread, a fig newton, and a lemon cookie! I love Sunday shifts at the gym!

Dinner & More Work:
I had a 2-6 pm shift at the gym with my roomie - Jenny
We got Subway -- veggie foot longs for 5 bucks?  CANNOT BE BEAT.

And this is my current state:

Nice end to the weekend huh?
Of for a study date and a possible dance in the rain -- details to come.

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