Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hot Roomie Date

Matt & I have been planning this hot roomie lunch date for about a week now :)
We both share an intense love of food... (if we didn't, I doubt I could be his friend!)
AND he knows about my not-so-secret obsession with fried mushy chic pea balls - aka falafels... So, he told me about this great and seriously authentic falafel/middle eastern place by campus. 

We planned and planned... and waited and waited.. and finally, the day has come!

However, that was for lunch.
So, I had to wait until 1 o'clock to finally get my falafel fix!!!

Anyways, I was happy to indulge me sweet tooth for breakfast :)
Vanilla and apple cinnamon oat meal with blueberries and puffed wheat cereal.

This stuff was ultra-thick and creamy.... just the way i like it.
Since I'm still on my running hiatus (grr) I suited up and headed out for a 9 am swim :) It was kind of cool because the pool was basically empty.  Unfortunately, that meant it was cold as heck and I was tempted to swim with my sweatpants on (lifeguards frown upon non-swimwear in the pool..)

Yes, I only have one one-piece (because nobody should ever feel the need to own more than one... unless you have a good reason).  AND I whipped out 2000 meters in an hour.

My workout went like this:
- Easy 200 meter warm-up
- Easy 500 meter freestyle
- Fast 5 x 100 meter freestyle intervals
- Easy 500 meter freestyle
- 200 meters of leg workouts with a kick board
- 100 meter cool down

I had a protein shake in a bowl (chocolatey deliciousness.... sooooooooo perfect for a post-workout)


Then it was falafel time!!!!

Check out my hot date :)

He got the falafel and avocado pita sandwich.
Which he devoured and enjoyed immensely!!!!

And I got... the falafel plate with their homemade hummus and tahini sauce on a bed of lettuce and tomatoes. HEAVEN ON A PLATE AND HEAVEN IN MY MOUTH. 

Ps. I got a huge serving of Pita bread to go with it :) (see second picture)

AND, if you think things couldn't get any better, the did.....
One of Matt's friends came in with a huge bag of homemade frosted sugar cookies... 
And she asked if we could please take a few off her hands.


I napped.  I went to class.  I visited some friends.  I ran some errands...
And I came back for dinner.

I knew it was time for leftovers...
So, I planned of finishing off the bread pudding & enjoying some sauteed veggies with balsamic vinegar and seasoning. As seen below.

However, I wasn't really feelin' it.
At all.

The balsamic vinegar basically took over my veggies.  It wasn't pleasant.  And my mouth was kind of on fire (since I added red pepper flakes and cumin too... not smart)

So, I tossed it after a bite or two.
And fried up another chicken sausage and some eggs, topped it on my bread pudding leftovers and added in some more green beans :) way more delicious.

For some reason, I'm on a serious chocolate-sugar binge.
I've already had a cup of hot chocolate, two calcium chews, a piece of chocolate Opera cake...

I'm sure it won't end there.

Anyways, sorry for rushing through this post!!!
I have tons of homework and way too little time.. story of my life.

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