Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sexy Shoes & Sundaes??

ALRIGHT, nobody is allowed to call this girl a grandma anymore... because I got me some new kicks!! anddd I just realized I should never be allowed to use the word "kicks" to describe the amazing invention that is my new pair of running shoes:

Meet the Nike LunarGlide +3!!! In hot pink & neon yellow. 

Goodbye hideous running shoes that made me look elderly and blind (because clearly, only a blind person wouldn't mind wearing shoes that ugly). 

and ALAN IF YOU ARE READING THIS .... you basically shamed me into driving back to the store to return my other pair.  The world should probably thank you.

Even coooler than the blinding colors?  The fact that I put in 6 miles of hill running with these babies and I STILL don't have blisters!  Although, my butt is a little bit tired, sore, out-of-shape.  I doubt there's a pair of shoes out there that will fix that...

----------------------------- MOVING ON.

Yesterday, I kind of realized that a huge intake of fiber in the form of 1/2 a pound of veggies before 9 AM results in 1. the toots .... 2. a really full belly.

I decided to go with an egg white omelet, stuffed with half the contents of my refrigerator...
but, more specifically, steamed broccoli, bean and mango salsa, green beans, peppers, and goat cheese.

It was super delicious... especially cause I drenched it in garlic and cilantro salsa (this is clearly the only reason I don't have a boyfriend.  Garlic breath.  Not the fact that I'm moody and bitchy 95 percent of the time).

All the fiber kept me full for a good 2 hours!

I went to "work" with the moms and the sister again... They seriously can't get enough of me.  Good thing half my time spent at the office is either in the kitchen or in the bathroom (I pee probably every 20 minutes because of my excessive water consumption) otherwise they would have strangled me by now.  I'm pretty sure Mom is sick of listening to me trying to roll my R's (dumb Arabic alphabet) and hit all the high notes in Glee songs (that I listen to on repeat).

Noon came around and I gobbled up my lunch, even though I was still pretty full from that fiber/veggie/protein concoction. 

I had packed my lunch for work :) so cute of me, I know
I used Sara Lee's 45 cal Honey Wheat bread, a wedge of Laughing Cow light garlic and herb, 2 juicy tomatoes from our garden, lettuce from the garden, and a few slices of honey ham...

I also heated up a cup of classic noodle soup, made by Mr. Campbell....  nothing special, but I thought it was really cool in that mug/bowl.  Plus, nothing beats soup and sandies for lunch!

And then I had a brownie... unpictured because inhaling my food tends to take precedence over breathing/chewing/taking pictures... you know how that goes.

Sooo, the office supplies were running a little low.
By office supplies, I really mean the snacks in the kitchen... below par. Sister and I volunteered to sacrifice our time and make a trip to Costco for all the essentials.

We walked out with:
- Peanut butter pretzels, chocolate-covered raisins, pub mix, pistachios, diet dr. peppers, diet pepsi, Folger's coffee by the truckload... and other supplies that the office actually needed.

We also sampled our hearts out! AND got one of these babies to share on our way back to the office
Very berry sundae?

Sister was driving, so we worked out a system where I would spoon-feed frozen yogurt into her mouth at stop lights and speed bump pauses... genius, I know.

We headed home after work and got started on dinner!
Check out the extremely cool but totally practical apron that our friend, Sue, got us!! It has a little Velcro stick-on for all the major holidays -- like making fish :)

On the plate for tonight?
Roasted veggies -- I chopped up zucchinis, onion, mushrooms, and red and yellow peppers, sprayed them with non-stick cooking spray, salt & pepper, and popped 'em in the oven (400 degrees) for 35 to 40 ishhh minutes.  Cooked to perfection :)

Mom's contribution to our healthy meal?  Amazing Tilapia fillets and this indian spicy bean/lentil/rice dish that we just popped into the rice cooker.

The light flavor of the fish went perfectly with the strong spices from our side dish.

Perfect end to a perfect day?  I think so.
Any day that includes Costco is put in the "perfect" category.... duh.

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