Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mom's Birthday Dinner at Sammy's

I know what you're thinking because I was thinking the exact same thing:
How in the world did we manage to go out to dinner after eating 5 pieces of pie??

Well, did you know that dessert and non-dessert items are digested in two separate stomachs?  Fact. So, this is how Sister and I managed to consumed two HUGE meals... plus more sugar than one could even imagine.

After getting a few hours of work in, changing into elastic-style pants, and doing a few yoga poses -- my pathetic attempt to speed up my digestive process -- it was time to head to dinner!!

Mom chose to go to Sammy's Woodfired Pizza, one of her favorite places, to celebrate her 49th BIRTHDAY! Sorry mommma... the world knows your age (good thing nobody will believe me and will most likely start calling me a liar because you look 10 years younger!)

Thankfully, I thought ahead and made reservations, because this place gets crrrrrazy! And once food is in sight, I kind of become a monster... so making me wait for a table is just not safe for others.

I basically memorized the entire menu (thanks to extensive research) and bullied the table into ordering some delicious Tapas to share:

Hummus with ground Kobe beef and herbed flat bread.
This stuff was probably the best bread and hummus combination I've ever had!  The flat bread had a slight spicy curry flavor to it and the kobe beef + creamy hummus was to die for!

Mini duck tacos -- These were a truly unique take on the typical "taco." Crispy duck, feta cheese, sour cream and freshly chopped tomatoes created a flavor-packed mini taco. 

We ordered two pizzas for the table (Mom, Sister, Gram, Sue, and I) to share, but the pizzas were a lot smaller than a typical pizza.  Like maybe 8 inches in diameter?  Which turned out to be a perfect amount!  We all had a slice of each:

New York Style pizza on whole wheat crust. 
The crust was amazing and doughy, but surprisingly still really flat, so it didn't feel like we were eating a greasy slice of pizza.  The toppings included pepperoni, mushrooms, ham, and spicy italian sausage -- a perfect combination for meat lovers.  The pizza was kind of unique because there wasn't any tomato sauce??  Hmmm...

Goat cheese pizza on Artisan thin crust. SOOO GOOD! This was my favorite pizza :)  The crust was perfect and flaky.  The toppings - mushroom, spinach, sweet onions and creamy goat cheese... to die for!

And since we did have a birthday to celebrate and because Sammy's is KNOWN for having some pretty rockin' desserts... we just had to.

Nutty Fudgy Sundae.  Vanilla ice cream covered in warm chocolate fudge, caramel and chocolate sauce, filled with bits of brownie bites and topped with whipped cream, nuts. and a cherry! OH MY GOD.  I'm still on a sugar high.  I think we licked the glass clean, it was that good.

Mom was a brownie hunter... she took no prisoners.  She literally combed through the whipped cream and the ice cream just to find the brownies - lucky for her, calories don't count on your birthday.  I told her she was over fishing and her brownie hunting wasn't following the rules for sustainable fishing practices.

Good thing we ordered two, because one CLEARLY isn't enough.

Messy Sundae. Vanilla ice cream covered in warm chocolate fudge, chocolate syrup and caramel sauce.  Topped with fresh whipped cream, nuts, and a cherry :)

Okay, we finished this one too.
"We don't drown our sorrows, we suffocate them with chocolate." Needless to say, any and all sorrows I had were sufficiently suffocated with sundaes ! :)

Casey. In. Action.
Watch and observe the animal at feeding time.... this is her natural habitat.

I was literally buzzing after all that sugar... like I probably would have gotten pulled over for drunk driving if I was driving us home.  I doubt the policeman would accept the excuse that those messy sundaes are intoxicating.

I'm so glad Mom chose Sammy's Woodfired Pizza (we went to the one in Del Mar) because we had a truly memorable experience.  The wait staff was super friendly and attentive and the food was delicious.  I loved the Sammy's made each dish unique and they weren't afraid to play around with different flavors.  I recommend Sammy's for any night of the week! But I'm glad we really got to celebrate tonight :)

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