Thursday, August 18, 2011

My New Permanent Address: COSTCO

What? It's not normal to make multiple trips to Costco in less than 24 hours?

Um, it should be considered normal when you spotted a huge, delicious-looking red velvet cake for only $10 on your last trip and you've been haunted by its image ever since.

More on this beautiful beast-of-a-cake later....


Yesterday. all. my. dreams. came. true.

It started off with a sort-of lame breakfast:
- 1/4 cup of egg whites and some roasted veggies. Topped with feta cheese :) & salsa....

Not that it didn't taste wonderful...
It just didn't fill me up. 100 calories for breakfast just doesn't cut it.

But it was enough to tide me over on my 6 MILE RUN - UP HILL BOTH WAYS - IN MY NEW SNAZZY SHOES - WITHOUT BLISTERS!!!!

Cool things I learned on my run:
1. These shoes are so bright, they stop traffic (or maybe drivers are just shocked at how gorgeous I look running around in red shorts, an orange shirt and no makeup??)
2. If your ipod dies half way and you sing to yourself, you might get weird looks from moms and construction workers you pass along the way...
3. Finding Nemo's phrase "just keep swimming" can be applied to running -- the entire time I told myself to just keep running and somehow I made the 3 mile uphill death trap...

I showered faster than I thought possible because sister and brother needed to get to the office... and I don't like to be left alone.  Yes, I have separation anxiety issues.  I just follow my sister around because she's soooooo cool and I wish I was her. (Hey sister - can we get gspoon tonight?)

I raided my mom's stash at the office and ate this for by B2 - Breakfast number two.  I just made up that little B2 acronym on the fly... let's hope that doesn't catch on.

These things are FILLING.  After 6 miles & practically no breakfast, I still wasn't that hungry when lunch time rolled around. 

But... as soon as I saw where we were going for lunch.... my stomach grumbled tears of joy (just go with it. I was excited)!!!!!


All of you familiar with Souplantation should already understand that any ounce of self-control (and keep in mind I have like zero to begin with) goes out the door as soon as you get in line!

The "food theme" for this month was Cuba -- so the salad bar had the usual chinese wonton salad and the broccoli salad (my faves) AND this really good banana salad.  I loaded up a salad plate, completely with cuban potato salad, chicken tarragon pasta salad, some country potato salad, tons of assorted flavored salads... and olives.  I love olives. 

Next, came a crazy amount of carbohydrates.  Mainly in the form of cornbread, blueberry muffins, chocolate brownies, 4 cheese pizza bread, cuban flat bread, a loaded baked potato, and my newest creation: chili mac! using the amazingly creamy mac and cheese and some chili from the soup bar.

I was in hog heaven, my friends.  PLUS they have an all-you-can-eat frozen yogurt station... Souplantation seriously lost money on me today.  I consumed more than enough food to make up for the $7.29 I forked over :) hahaha forked over. good one.

--------------------- food coma ----------------

Sister had some friends over, who are now our family friends cause they're just as cool and fun to hang out with as she is (seriously sister... gspoon??)

So, my grandma prepared a really amazing dinner (like we really needed more food after lunch!) and we dug in. 

She made this creamy chicken parmesan dish from scratch... it doesn't get any better than that.  I made a quick spinach and lettuce salad, topped with fresh figs and feta (tomatoes on the side because my sister is crazy and doesn't like them... weird, I know).

Sister and I substituted the pasta in favor of some shiritaki noodles (40 calories vs. 300plus) because we KNEW what was coming for dessert....

Sister and I had never had red velvet cake before so we obviously had to remedy that!!
After eating our first sweet, dense, moist bite of cake... we came to a conclusion:

In order to make up for lost years without red velvet, we should probably eat 3 pieces of cake each. Sound like a winning plan?  YOU BET.

AND, lucky for us, there are plenty of leftovers... which will most likely be consumed for breakfast :)

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  1. Update: that cake actually WAS consumed for breakfast.. =)