Monday, August 22, 2011

Another Balancing Act

Alright... I have found the perfect motivation for tackling those distance runs.
Forget the typical "hot body," "I-need-a-boyfriend," "mental sanity" motivators -- that's kind of old school.

My new motivation: buttermilk doughnuts.

For those of you who are San Diego natives, you'll know which small-town donut shop I'm talking about.... The one with the signature hot pink boxes filled with deep-fried bites of happiness and bliss.

Sister and I make it a point to hit up the doughnut shop every time we're back home (which probably explains the frequency of my trips back to SoCal...). As we were planning our last-day-in-SD trip for chocolate twists and glazed goodies, I kind of had a brilliant idea: why don't we run there? This way we get a killer workout AND we don't feel horribly guilty for eating half a weeks worth of discretionary calories in one bite.

Done.  We mapped out the route, laced up our shoes, and hit the pavement. 
FOR SEVEN FREAKIN' MILES! uphill. in a torrential downpour..  okay I exaggerated that last bit, but the hills were no joke.  It was a killer.

But you know what?  The thought of buttermilk doughnuts and vanilla old-fashioned cake kept me going.  It was kind of like those old love stories, where the thought of a girl was the only thing that kept a soldier alive during a war... yes, it was just as dramatic.

Sister and I finally arrived, and decided to split a bagel before scarfing down some sugaaa.
We split my favorite toasted blueberry bagel with light cream cheese on the side.

godly. warm. doughy. delicious. You DO need carbs to recover -- right? Um, everyone and their mother was in the bagel shop, and they were giving me weird looks the entire time... is it not normal to be sweating profusely while you salivate over fresh bagels? The guy at the counter asked if I needed him to get me a few cups of water..

Then, we spent the next 20 minutes trying to pick out the perfect doughnuts to round out our breakfast.... THEY WERE ALL OUT OF BUTTERMILK... and I immediately regretted not running a 6 minute mile pace (maybe I would have gotten there before they ran out).  So we "settled" for a vanilla sprinkle cake doughnut and a maple glazed bar! Heaven. In. My. Mouth.

.... Upon walking out the door, sitting down, and finishing the doughnuts in under a minute, sister and I realized we forgot something crucial: A maple glazed cake doughnut with nuts on top. duh.

We didn't even make it out the door this time before we turned around and ordered a glazed chocolate twist for the road. You know it's bad when the doughnut guy sees you for the 4th time in 10 minutes, gives you a look, and says, "Wow, you two are hungry... um, how many miles did you say you ran?"

Maybe we should have rounded up to 10.

Don't worry, we went splitsies on the doughtnuts -- I wasn't shoving 4 of those babies in my mouth. At once.  I spread them throughout the day :)

Travis, my sister's friend from high school, had met up with us at the doughnut place -- yes, he skipped the 7 miles, drove there, and caught up with us in time for our feast.  After he satisfied his sweet tooth, he wanted to head next door to get another small-town favorite: carne asada fries.

Sister and I planned to just watch him enjoy his fries... but that didn't happen.
We dug in and split this gorgeous mound of golden fries, carned asada, guacamole, salsa, refried beans, sour cream, and cheese.  this is reason number 2 that I return to SoCal so often

(mom, you're reason number 0 -- you come before all the food!!!! this counts for some brownie points to go towards favorite child award....)


Guys, it's official.  MY MONTH OF VACATION IS OVER.

After a quickie plane ride, I arrived home -- to my brand new apartment -- and to my beautiful roommates!! Check out how good looking he is?  Yeah, you should check out my other roommies... we're all kind of gorgeous. 

Two of my roomies headed out to do some frat hopping (a favorite welcome week activity), while Jenny and I sat on the couch, watched bride wars, and caught up on all the drama of our month spent apart!  IT FELT GREAT to be home.  And I was surprised I wasn't more homesick (sorry, Mommmaa).

Goodbye San Diego, hello Bay Area.  
back to school & back to reality. At least I have great friends and great food to keep me company

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