Friday, August 26, 2011


Ahh, just the words "two-a-days" brings back memories of early morning conditioning and after school practices... you can imagine how attractive I was in high school (who showers twice in one day? That's not very environmentally friendly... so I obviously went unshowered for like 14 hours).

Times. have. changed.

My two-a-days now translate into... two huge and delicious bowls of oatmeal in ONE day!!!!!
I really hope everybody gets this excited about food.  Oatmeal specifically.  otherwise I might start feeling a little bit awkward.... untrue.  Nothing makes me feel awkward anymore.

I was super tired from my 2 am work shift last night -- so I slept in until 8:30 and finally dragged my ass to the kitchen for COFFEE AND OATS!! (food really is the only thing that will get me up).

I know it's a little outdated to still make oatmeal on the stove - thanks, microwave revolution - but I always feel like my oatmeal comes out thicker, creamier, and BIGGER since I'm able to add more liquid and cook longer without worrying about it bubbling over.

In the oatmeal today? Blueberries, a little coconut extract, a sweetener, puffed wheat, vanilla pudding, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and some raisins!

Then I had to run back to work to interview some applicants...
and head to class!! Jenny likes to be a mama bear and snap pictures of our "first day of school."

No, that's not just for kindergartners.  

By the way, I'm kind of doing this new thing to see how long it takes for my face to get stuck in that position.  If you can't tell... it's my go-to face. It expresses happiness, excitement, hunger, workout highs... ya know.

BIGGEST NEWS EVER: (besides the fact that I ate oatmeal twice, cause that's obviously really important) People actually asked me how to pronounce things in Arabic today!!!! I told you I mastered the first 3 lines of the Arabic alphabet (good thing we only went up to the first two lines today.... by Monday I'll be just as confused as everyone else).

Ummm, I was starving by the time I came home.
Oatmeal and a few puny almonds do not last very long in my tummy.

So I whipped up a Shiritaki soy noodle pasta bowl.
Soy noodles, roasted asparagus and brussel sprouts, chopped bella mushrooms, 2/3 cups of meatless crumbles, yellow onion, and garlic tomato pasta sauce.  

I admit, this kind of filled me up.  ALSO, have you noticed I really like to eat things that come in bowls?  I had a convo with Jenny about this totally cool and unique phenomenon (not) and we agreed it's cause I'm mental.  ALSO AGAIN, have you noticed that I only use that one spoon?  I wash it after every meal and use it for the next one.....

Told you I'm mental.


After nap time, a skinny cow ice cream cone, and some tv-watching (food network = my downfall), I decided to probably get my butt up and get a work out in.

Unfortunately, my ankle still isn't cooperating.
I talked to my sister - the smartest person I know - and she told me to take it easy for awhile.  I pouted and whined and then eventually bullied, guilted, begged Jenny to abandon her workout plans and go for a long walk with me :)  Because she's amazing, she agreed.

We walked and enjoyed the beautiful day (and the beautiful HILLS) in the bay for 45 minutes, before arriving at the gym to do a quick 15-minute speed workout on the bikes. 

After we were sweating profusely (and I talked to the cute gym guy from forever ago!! hope he found my pimple sexy...), we headed to our favorite abs class. We finished up with a total arm weight session... with all the frat boys.... before heading home for dinnaaaa.

After watching a ton of comfort food shows on the food network -- thanks, Giada and Paula -- all I wanted was comfort food.  And something sweet.

I wanted to make up some sweet potato casserole... but I remembered how obsessive I am, so I combined my three favorite foods (of the week) into one: Smashed sweet potatoes, maple blueberry muffin oatmeal, and cool whip!!!!!!

Oh my goooooooodness.
I'm full. I'm in love with this combo. I'm food-comforted.

Casey.  And Jenny.  More specifically, Casey and Jenny and some frozen yogurt.

Catch yaaaa later!!

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