Monday, August 1, 2011

Boating Adventures

Yesterday (Sunday) was the epitome of summertime fun!
We slept in, until 7:30...., took the morning off from running, made some lunch and headed to our cousins' boat for a day spent on the sea.  Our destination: the nearby island of Ciovo.

Ciovo is about an hour away by boat and along the way, we pass by waterfront views of the Riva (downtown), our apartment, and Mt. Marjan! It was cool seeing just how far we run!

Sister and I were like two peas in a pod :)
Apparently, we gang up on our brother a lot.  Typical.  But lucky for him, our cousin is the same age so they quickly became friendsies too.

Enjoying the trip
 Look at these lazy bums!
Our time on the boat was spent in a constant state of relaxation - this included eating. sleeping. eating while sleeping (yes, it can be done.... ) and reading!

I found the perfect series of books for me - thanks to Sister - that combines murder mystery, comedy, love and recipes.  The main character is a cookie baker and she actually includes delicious recipes (like peanut butter melt cookie and white chocolate supremes) in her books!

Check out that water!  We look like white whales... but it's okay because we'll come back brown and tan whales :) 

Lunch was delicious! I don't know what it is about cold cuts and fresh bakery bread, but Europeans have surely perfected both.  And the combination is heavenly.  I could live off of this stuff...

I pretty much do, now that I think about it.

For snacking and dessert (one of many sweets consumed) we had chocolate wafer cookies.  Somehow, the Europeans got us beat in the wafer department too!  Cause these are seriously addicting.

I ate them like Kit Kats - peeling of each chocolatey wafer layer at a time.

We spent the entire day on the boat and got dropped off at the Riva... where we walked to our favorite pizza spot and got two MAXI pizza!!!!

We had a Mexican pizza - which is spicy with pepperoni and hot peppaaa
a Zucchini and Ricotta pizza
and a Pizzaiolo, which includes prosciutto, ham, pepperoni, tomato and sour cream! the combo of tomato and sour cream is perfectooooo

Sister and I actually had a slice to split while we were waiting for the pizzas to get ready haha

We went to bed happy cows :)
OH and the figs are still doing their figlet duties..... just so you know

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