Saturday, October 1, 2011

I am Unstoppable, Unbeatable, Untouchable.

For all you runners out there, for those of you who need that extra motivation to go on a walk with the dog or with your loved one, for those of you who wonder why you still go to jazzercise (hey, Sue!) when you could be sitting at home with your feet up....


You're unstoppable, unbeatable, untouchable.

Okay, sorry to get all corndog on you...
I stumbled across that picture and it really resonated with me.  Someone asked me - I believe it was my ultra cool roommate - when I feel the "sexiest".... and my immediate answer was "when I'm running."

No, not because the image of me drenched in gallons of sweat is really that attractive. I feel "sexy" when I run because that's when I feel the strongest.  I'm in my element and it's total "me time."

Soooooo.... now that we're all super pumped to get our sweat on...

Breakfast of champs before my run:

Cinnamon raisin bagel thing topped with french onion laughing cow light cheese.  And a side of scrambled egg beaters  (which you know made their way on top of my bagel!)

Also had some almonds for a little extra fat. 
Because I didn't consume enough fatty foods last night or anything...

Now that I'm fully digested and fueled (with food and coffee galore), I'm gunna go get my "I feel sexiest" time onnnnnnn.... meaning, run day fun day :)

You can thank God for making me that obnoxious morning person you love to hate.
Enjoy that Saturday morning!
Then get your sweat on!

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