Saturday, October 8, 2011

Burma SUPERStar!

Last Friday Night...... was epic!

When you're surrounded by amazing friends & family, you're bound to have a great time.  But add some world-class food to the mix, and things start to get a little crazyyyy!

---- I'm about to go for a run but I wanted to get these pictures up!! -- I will come back and add in all the hilarious commentary :) but enjoy a sneak peak!

Okay, excuse the interruption,  we will now continue with a very lengthy, detailed description of the food feast we had last night!! (6.8 miles later...)

So, as you're all quite aware, my dad loves food... like he might rival my own love of food.  In order to MAKE SURE we got a table at one of the best restaurants in the East Bay, he made us leave the condo at 4:27 pm.. yep.

After picking up my beautiful roommate, Jenny, we rushed to the restaurant to reserve a table, as Henry, Lisa, and Annie (my favorite people!) were coming to join us :)

Burma Superstar -- located in the East Bay.  THE BEST authentic Burmese food around!

We had 15 minutes to kill before my friendsies arrived, so basically, we ordered some legit coconut juice - from a "young coconut" and we conquered the overwhelming menu selection!

Obviously Jenny and I found the whole "coconut juice IN a coconut" thing really entertaining... After we finished the juice, our waiter actually cut it open and let us scoop our all that MEAT!

Once the rest of the crew arrived, we were ready to get the party started!!
For those of you who have ever eaten with me, I'm kind of a dictator when it comes to ordering... so, I called the waiter over and placed the entire order for the table.  He was obviously loving my bossy demeanor.. I don't mess around with food selection. duh. 

Great company for the evening: Annie, Jenny, ME (wooohooo), Daddy, Nelly, Henry, & Lisa.

Because our meal had sooo many dishes, I'll break them up by course for you guys:


We started off with Platha & Dip for the table -- fried, multilayered bread, served with a chicken coconut curry "dip" which was to die for!

Then, we order a large Tea Salad -- which has been featured on The Food Network - it was that good!!! The salad got it's cool, crunchy texture from the fried garlic and the mixture of nuts.  All the flavor came from some dice jalapenos, tomatoes, TEA LEAFS from Burma, and lemon juice. This was one of the best dishes of the night!

Next, we also got The Rainbow Salad to sample. Also featured on The Food Network.  This salad has 22 different ingredients!  Which all combine to make one heck of a dish.


We got the Garlic Mint Chicken which is supposedly considered "street food" in Burma.  This chicken was so tender... and the garlic and mint combination really gave it a kick.

Pumpkin and Shrimp Stew -- which is made from the Japanese pumpkin, or Kabocha squash.  This was a curried dish that complimented the shrimp, seafood flavor perfectly.

Coconut Rice -- um.. slightly sweet and AMAZING! Need I say more?

Brown Rice - to soak up all the delicious sauces from the stews and curries.

Tofu and Pumpkin Curry -- My roommate, Jenny, ordered this, because she is on a restricted diet.  BUT, I heard great things about it all night :)

For the table, we ordered the Braised Pork and Pumpkin Stew.  THIS WAS my favorite of the night! The pork basically fell apart and melted in your mouth... and I love anything with pumpkin.  I wanted to lick the bowl clean!  I even suggested ordering another dish.

Garlic noodles with roasted duck.  Mmmm, these noodles were tasty.  The noodles weren't the traditional egg noodles you find in stir fry, they were actually rice, which made them lighter than you would think.  The garlic sauce and all the chopped veggies AND duck were a great combo.

Funny story, while we were already enjoying our meal, my dad kept looking over at the table next to us.  He wanted to know what this woman was eating... So, being a great foodie, he called over our waiter and asked him.  After hearing the words Mango Sweet and Spicy Tofu, he ordered a dish for our table to try :) gotta love my dad.


What? You think we were too full for dessert?
Well, we probably were... but that never stops me from ordering something sweet - after every meal.

Our waiter was shocked that we had enough room!

Fried banana with Coconut and Vanilla ice cream.

Coconut pudding fritters with coconut and vanilla ice cream.

Nutella spring rolls with jack fruit.  Topped with Coconut ice cream and a fruity ice cream that was to die for.

Do I need to go into details about those desserts?
Or does the picture speak for itself?

-------------------- 5 minutes later.

While driving home, we made a stop at Whole Foods to pick up some tea for my stepmom.

Of course, Jenny - who has a killer sweet tooth - was bummin' because she didn't get any dessert at the restaurant (she's on a no-sugar-added diet and all the desserts definitely had sugar).

So, we fixed that by picking up some

No-Sugar-Added Butter Pecan Ice Cream & A Raw, Vegan Chocolate Mousse Cake. 

Ahhhh that cake was amazing - yes, I tried a bite... or three.

And Jenny was a happy camper :) No diner goes un-desserted in this household!

Sorry it took me so long to post such a great review of the restaurant...
I've been out and about all morning and afternoon -- eating my way across the Bay.

I'll fill you in on our amazing lunch in a bit!

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