Sunday, October 2, 2011


I had a new PDR today :)  11.11 miles under my belt!  Which makes me smile because... I can only go up from here, right??

Kidding... I'll probably be icing my sore butt for the next few days.  Although, I did make it to the stretching room at work to take full advantage of the foam rollers -- hurts. so. good.

On my run, I kept thinking about that inspirational picture/quote, which is probably why I actually pushed myself to tackle those extra hells hills, instead of taking a more level running route.

Anyways, after my run I was ready to re-fuel. 
I seriously need to figure out how to eat, drink, and run simultaneously.  I get super weak around mile 9 but I never carry any fuel with me... big oops.

All I wanted was water.  And a monster salad.

Sauteed tomatoes and onions on top of leftover butternut squash with chicken sausage and marinara -- piled on a head of romaine lettuce! with feta and banana peppers. 

I'm still using my large mixing bowls to accommodate my equally large appetite... I'm waiting for the day when I have to start using two bowls (or a huge pot...). When that day comes, don't judge.

I also had my carbies to refuel.
Two baby pumpkins and two pieces of toast. kidding. Although.... I wouldn't be surprised if that shows up on the blog in the near future, given my recent history with all-things-pumpkin.
Two slices of honey wheat toast with honey and cinnamon.

Work was quick and painless.
Except it was more like -- less quick and more painless

I DID however, have major craving for more salad.  And carbs. And I know of only one place that has them both... available in Casey-approved portions.

Veggie delight salad with avocado, garbanzo beans, kidney beans, hard boiled egg, sprouts, baby tomatoes, croutons, carrots, cabbage, mixed lettuce and soy-ginger vinaigrette.  HUGE HUNK OF HONEY WHOLE WHEAT BREAD and butter.

I enjoyed this salad with a side of great company -- thanks, Annie.
I typically send her text messages until she responds with a "yes, Casey, I'll go get food with you..." sometimes, I resort to knocking on her door until she gives up and answers.

Most of the time, she caves without a fight because I bribe her with FROZEN YOGURT.
She loves froyo about 80 percent as much as I do -- which I kind of a lot.

Luckily, there are 9 different froyo/ice cream places within walking distance of this salad/bread heaven... so we chose the one a few doors down (to minimize our cardio vascular exercise and decrease any chance to burn extra calories...)

Red Velvet, Coconut, Death by Chocolate FroYo topped with pretty much anything I could get my hands on -- chocolate rocks, mochi, oreo crumbs, cookie dough, brownie bits, cereal, almonds....

Check out my hot date for the evening:

Annie. Lisa (unpictured due to unforeseen circumstances...) and Elizabethtown -- one of the cutest/greatest movies ever.

It's laundry day in the Annie-Lisa household.
Hence, the tie dye cutoffs and the peacoat....

Although, what prompted her to buy those cutoffs in the first place... I have no answer for you.

I'm off to bed!
And I'm super excited for tomorrow because I'm meeting up with a long lost friend for brunch hopping. Details and an explanation to come later :)

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