Monday, October 17, 2011

I Stepped In POOP

Yeah, let's not even go there....

I mean... it happened.  But details will have to come after I describe my food - otherwise you might find everything a little less appetizing.

I woke up :) secretly cursed my alarm for always sneaking up on me...

And stumbled to the kitchen to get my french roast fix for the day.  I was going to go for the usual early-morning oats! BUT, I opened my fridge a realized my stepmom's Chobani was still in there! Sweet.  yogurt it is.

Vanilla Chobani with Kix, nanners, and almond milk!

I got a serious kick (from the kix... ahaha... okay, that was lame) from how creamy the thick the Chobani was!  I forgot how much I love the stuff.

Unfortunately, yogurt usually doesn't sit well with me, especially before a run. Many of you don't know this dark secret of mine, and some of you have unfortunately suffered the side effects...

I'm slightly lactose intolerant.  I know, I'm immune to frozen yogurt - DON'T WORRY.

Anyways, I studied for a bit then headed out for an easy run.
On mile 5, disaster struck.

I stepped into a huge pile o' shiiiiitt. Yeah, seriously.  It smooshed. I cursed the dog and then cursed myself for running with my eyes closed... again.  I washed my shoe (at my leg.. dunno how that happened) in the gym bathroom then headed to Abs and Back.

I was starving after class, so I ran home (literally) and inhaled my lunch.

Laughing Cow light cheese, tomato, and lettuce open-faced sandwich on multi-grain bread.

Since that always fails to fill me up, I broke into the oats for lunch, part two.

Cinnamon Spice oatmeal with... chocolate chip cookies crumbled in! and raw walnuts.

Why have I not tried the old dessert-in-oats thing?  It's kind of amazing.

Okay, actually I've done cheesecake in my oats... once.  I couldn't help it.  But I will definitely start hopping on the dessert-for-breakfast train from now on!

I went to class.  It smelled like b.o... I made sure it wasn't me before I went around accusing everyone else.  I checked again and it actually wasn't me.  Grr...

Came home and collapsed - daily nap time with my roommate, Matt, is a must. Giada at home, Rachel Ray's 30 minute meals, and 5 ingredient fix are our go-to's for background noise.

Woke up and snacked on a toasted english muffin with honey anddd half of a granny smith! 

Off to class - and a review session - and another review session...
double, back-to-back midterms tomorrow! ugh.

Talk about a pile of poop. Double midterms are my metaphorical pile of shit.

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