Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dim Sum & Some Beautiful Views!

My day was full.

Full of beautiful, mountainous views.
Full of some amazing food. 
Full of good times and great people. 
And full of laughter & love. 

I started off my morning with a quick and gorgeous 8 mile run while Dad started his with a hike! We set off at the same time and arrived back (separately) after 70 minutes or so.

Yes, I get to run around and look at the fog-covered hills of the East Bay! Now do you understand why I love my long runs? I'm not crazy after all.

After we showered and got ready for the day, I did something really stupid.
I decided I wanted to "save my appetite for lunch" because I knew it would be a feast -- so, I hopped in the car... after an 8 mile run.... without any fuel. 15 minutes into the car ride, I got dizzy and shaky.

AND on top of that - DAD GOT LOST.  He'll argue with me till the end about this, but it's simply a fact: he got lost and he was too stubborn to ask for directions!!!

Have no fear - the Iphone saved us and we finally arrived at our destination:
Tai Wu Mr. Fong's Dim Sum restaurant in Daly City, San Francisco. 

We met up with some of my relatives... who I had never met before.  This is one of the crazy things i love about being Asian! You have a billion relatives -- and they always suggest meeting up for decadent meals!

I only snapped two photos (I didn't want to explain the whole blog thing) but let me tell you... this was the best dim sum place I've ever been to. Even my dad agreed! And he's kind of an expert.

Check out my last Dim Sum experience for an idea of what we feasted on.

Obviously an empty plate means a very full belly and a very satisfied Casey!
I also snapped a few photos of my new-found relatives :) they were a fun bunch.

Soooo... I don't know what it is about dim sum and bakeries, but there always seems to be authentic Chinese Bakeries right around the corner!  I kind of had to check it out.

Plus, my dad wanted his egg custard tart!

What? Where did all of these come from?

We picked up Two Egg Custard Tarts (which were warm and flaky! perfection)

A pineapple custard bun. This is my all-time favorite dessert. Seriously.

A buttery taro bun! close runner-up to the pineapple custard bun... very close.

Red bean bun. YUM. I almost didn't get this pastry... but my dad insisted.  Who am I to deny his chinese pastry desires?

After doing some grocery shopping and munching on delicious buns from the bakery, we took a drive around the coast to enjoy the beautiful ocean views.

We HAD to get out and walk around!
The fog was rolling in and the wind was blowing, but there's really nothing more special than the sound of waves breaking and the smell of salt water....

I love my parents.
We had an amazing day!

Just wait until I fill you in on the final hours of their trip to NorCal!
Hope you had a great weekend!!!!!

Now, it's time to get back to work = studying.

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