Friday, October 7, 2011

Sweet Treats & Saul's Deli

Do you guys have at least 5 minutes to spare for a barrage of non-stop photos that are about to come your way...? 

When you're armed with your Daddy's Nikon D5000 and beautiful fall scenery surrounding you -- it's impossible NOT to take a billion pictures.

Just to let you know, there are a lot of pictures of pastries, sweets, and desserts coming your way - I DID try a little of everything, but I didn't eat it all. Don't doubt that I am capable of such a task, but I don't want you guys thinking I'm lucky enough to be able to eat all the pastries in site.

Around 9 o'clock, my dad came by my apartment and picked me up, meet my amazing roommates, and help me carry an insane amount of dirty laundry to the car...

As soon as we started driving, he announced that he was, in fact, STARVING, because he's still on Virginia time (where my we're from) and it was technically "lunch time."

I told him to pull over at Virginia Bakery so we could snag some mid-morning snacks :)

He got a Ham and Cheese Croissant that he kindly split with my stepmom, Nelly.  I managed to grab a bite... and it was heavenly.  Meat, Cheese, and Carby goodnees..... sign me up.

We also grabbed a fresh cheese danish which we all just took a bite of (just wanted to try it -- but you know I'll be nibbling on it later!)

And, since my sweet tooth never sleeps, I picked up a Chocolate chunk and pecan cookie which I only had a bite of!! I know, this is record breaking - but I was saving myself for lunch.

Right before we left, Dad commented on how delicious their homemade pumpkin pie's looked... so we picked one up to take back for later (later turned out to be 5 minutes later... I couldn't help sneaking a bite...)

After taking care of our stomachs, our homework (my homework), and my laundry, we hopped in the car to do some exploring on our way to lunch.  Can you spot the view of the bay back there??

After having some fun in the hills, and finding some really cool landmarks -- we arrived at lunch:
Saul's Deli, which is known for its Authentic new york and traditionally-Jewish dishes.

We took turns smelling the mustard while waiting to place our orders...
My maturity must come for Nelly, huh?

And when the waitress came with some packed-plates, I couldn't wait to dig in!
I ordered the Half Reuben Sandwich on homemade Rye Bread, half a cup of Matzo ball soup, and a Latka, served with cold sour cream and apple sauce. 

Dad's meal -- the corned beef sandwich -- came with a Knishe which is a croissant-style bread, stuffed with warm mashed potatoes.  OH MY GOODNESS, this was amazing.

The waitress, who had been throwing suggestions our way, had to mention dessert...
Regardless of that fact that my friend Henry had stopped by and dropped off some French Macarons from his favorite bakery, she mentioned her favorite dessert at the restaurant... I had to try it. Even if it was just a bite.

Caramel Pecan Shortbread Bar. OH MY... there aren't even words to finish that sentence.  The shortbread crust was thick and buttery (yes, I could taste the butter...and it was amazing), and the caramel was thick and sweet.  The walnuts and pecans added some nutty flavor, too :) Making this a perfect imitation of pecan pie... in a bar!

I nibbled at the macarons Henry brought!
The Salted Caramel and the Cassis macarons were my favorite!

After lunch, we were full.

So we decided to walk around the area and enjoy some of the local favorites :)
Of course, we had to go into this cooperative bakery and cheese shop... to pick up some snackies for later tonight (really, I just wanted an excuse to be near food again).

Check out their CHEESE SELECTION:

We walked out with a little more knowledge of cheese, 3 hunks of some delicious-looking cheeses, and a free baguette to compliment our cheese -- wow, I just used the word cheese three times in one sentence...  

Now, were all back at their condo, taking a little nap and enjoying the afternoon!
We're still trying to digest...

But you know we already have big plans for dinner!
Stay tuned!

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