Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Midterm Prep.

It's finally over!!!! We can say goodbye to Midterm Madness!
And say hello to nights filled with more than just review session and 4 hours of sleep...

Today, I conquered political psych and Arabic like it was my job.

Okay.. I probably screwed up at some point, but I'm still on my post-test high, so just go with it :)
Anywaysss... I figured I should show you my weird test-prep traditions!

1. The night before, fill up your belly with delicious & nutritious SALAD BEAST from your favorite restaurant, because you obviously can't bother to spend 5 minutes cooking and/or cleaning up after yourself...

Greek salad with artichoke hearts, parmesan croutons, roasted red peppers, kalamata olives, cucumber, and picked beets instead of feta.  

If you want to be an all-star, eat the salad during your 6-8 pm review session and ignore the glares from starving students who weren't as smart as you and forgot to bring snacks... 

2. Leave the review session early because it's boring and slightly useless.. and meet up with your friends to get THE BEST FROZEN YOGURT WITH THE BEST TOPPINGS ever.  It eases test anxiety...

Cafe espresso, Caramel Pudding, & Country Boysenberry froyo with oreo, waffle cone, and graham cracker crumbles.

Try to eat slowly so you can savor every last bit...
but fail miserably and end up inhaling your yogurt like you do every other time.

3. Alternate between studying for midterm #1 and studying for midterm #2 but factor in time to LAUGH WITH FRIENDS AND LISTEN TO MY BOO BY USHER AND ALICIA KEYS.. because sometimes, your brain needs a break.

4. Sleep. at least 7 hours! WOOO.

5. Wake up, drink a steaming cup of coffee, review for your midterm #1 and midterm #2, while eating THE BEST BEFORE-TEST BREAKFAST EVER.

Whole wheat maple and cinnamon pancakes topped with syrup and nanners!

I always start my test-days with pancakes :)
It seems to be my good luck meal, so why fix what's broken?

In highschool, my mom used to make us her famous Bacon, Egg, and Bagel Burger before every big game, big test, big SAT!! -- it was basically a toasted bagel with a runny egg, slices of bacon, and a slice of american cheese.  Ahhh, it worked everytime.  Talk about serious brain food.

What do you guys do to prepare for a big day?

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