Monday, August 8, 2011

Fooding in Frankfurt

 If you haven't caught on to the reoccurring theme of our family vacations, I'll give you blind dense unobservant folks a clue: FOOOOD!

If you thought our food adventures and our decadent vacation splurges were over when we left Croatia... man, were you wrong!

Welcome to Frankfurt, Germany

To be honest, I've always considered Frankfurt to be the armpit of Europe... like whenever the flight attendants make their little speech about landing in Frankfurt, they seem to skip right over the "if this is your final destination, enjoy your stay" part and go right for the list of connecting flights.

Because who in their right mind would vacation in FRANKFURT?

I was wrong.  I will be that one person who vacations in Frankfurt.
I have found my German roots (I'm 1/4 German for those of you who aren't related to me and who have yet to memorize useless details about my life)!! Sister and I have found our soulmates: the folks who chose to sit outside in the pouring rain in order to finish their biers and their bratwurst !

We had enough of the skinny-minny Croatians who are all over 6 ft and slim.  The short, squat, and "solid" Germans are wayyy more my style :)  I fit right in

Within 2 hours of landing in Frankfurt - keep in mind I factored in customs, baggage claim, hotel check in, and "sprucing up" - my family was seated at a table in this amazing and quaint little restaurant/tavern in the middle of a square in Old City Frankfurt

We were greeted with soft, doughy bread and butter (which we subsequently demolished) and ordered some creamy mushroom soup for an appetizer -- it was pouring rain and it was the perfect dish!

This soup was creamy but with hints of vinegar to counterbalance the mushroom flavor

 And then came the award-winning entrees that we ordered and split:

Sister and Brother ordered this stewed, melt-in-your-mouth beef in a thick red wine based sauce and top of home made egg noodles... SOOOO GOOD

Dad ordered the Frankfurt plate -- an assortment of meats (pork knuckle, sausages, and pork chops), sauerkraut, and stewed potatoes :)  I helped myself to some of those sausages!

Stepmom and I ordered the Wienerschnitzel! Oh my GOD! this was one of the best dishes of our entire trip... Sister and I left no prisoners.

I'm still drooling. This is why I will be the lone vacationer in Germany.

But, of course, this was only the beginning of our food fest :)
Sister and I had our eyes on a chocolate-covered pretzel...
Meet our German doughnut !

And then brother, and the rest of the family, decided to try a "healthier" take on dessert, in the form of fresh fruit covered in milk chocolate!! OMYGOOOODNESS. The chocolate was delicious... screw the fruit. Okay, I liked the fruit too

 But what we really came to Germany for -- Spaghetti Eis. 
This is vanilla ice cream that is put through a mold to resemble spaghetti, topped with raspberry sauce and home made whipped cream, and covered in white chocolate shavings to resemble cheese :)

MOM: this is for you.
When we were younger and my sister and I would travel with our mom, we would eat spaghetti eis (or some other variation - like lasagna) for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  No joke.

And we had to sample the streudel... duh.
I mean, if there were ever a place for streudel, it's freakin' Germany.
We got warm (steaming, actually) apple strudel, topped with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream.  Sister had just finished telling me how apple desserts are her least favorite... and then she tried this beauty.  Her world exploded!

Frankfurt, Germany is no longer the armpit of Europe.
It should be named the full-belly or jiggly-thigh-inducing country of Europe... thank God we were only here for one night, otherwise my body would never forgive me!

-------- We're back in the states :) time to enjoy some chinese food and a few hours at the GYM

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