Monday, August 15, 2011

Blisters Be GONE!!

I have SO many cooooool things/facts/foods to share with you!

I always write my blog posts a day late (like today, I'm writing about yesterday's events) and I had to do everything in my power to stop myself from posting continuously yesterday.... I didn't want to overshadow my famers' market trip :) so I waited!  But here goes...

Warning: I will talk a lot about my feet & about delicious food. All in one post.  Usually, in one sentence.  sorry!! Actually no, get over it.

Lately, I've been neglecting my huge container of oats. 

I've kind of been loving this classic breakfast dish: a slice of honey wheat bread topped with an egg white patty andddd a slice of honey wheat topped with sugar-free (but definitely NOT taste-free) raspberry preserves.

Usually, I like to head out for a run before breakfast -- when I'm still half delirious and my body has no idea what's happening until 5 miles in....

However, I held off on my run because I knew we were headed to Road Runner, a sweet running store in SD, and I was bound to walk out with a new pair of running shoes soooo I wanted to wait to test them out!

Not only did I walk out of the store with multiple pairs of shoesies and plenty of sweet running accessories .... I walked out with a wealth of newly-acquired knowledge.  About my feet!

For those of you who fortunate enough to hang out with me, I usually complain about the MASSIVE amounts of blisters that seem to be a constant presence on the insides of my feet (near the arches).  For those of you unfortunate enough to hang out with me, I usually whip my feet out and show you.

It's gross.  And worse than the aesthetically unpleasing sores, I typically have to cut my runs short or suffer the consequences of a few extra miles for days after a run... no fun :(

So, at Road Runner, sister and I signed up to have our feet analyzed!  It was a really cool process where they measure your arches, your balance, the weight distribution (not my weight, thank God), and your running tendencies -- they video tape you running on a treadmill and check out your form.

After my feet were checked out, I know, poor sales woman.... there was no doubt as to why I was getting major blistaasss..  I have extremely high arches, flexible feet, and I pronate like no other.

This explained why I got those massive blisters.  So, I was hooked up with some custom inserts (that are an exact mold of my high-arched feet) and I was pointed in the direction of that "mild stability running shoes"

Check it OUT:
Sister got the really cool Nikes on the left... and I got the old peoples' shoes on the right. She has "neutral" feet so she got a cooler selection. Damn.

I also got a pair of Zoots, which are slightly more flexible -- and still not as cool looking as those colorful Nikes.... Damn again.

BTW - I'm at my mom's work... taking pics of my feet
I did, however, get really colorful and comfortable socks!  I know, it's not like anyone will get to see them.. but I feel like sweet-lookin' socks make me run with a little more pizazz :)   And they're synthetic... which helps with sweat or something.  I stopped listening after I saw the cool colors

Ps. this is my mom's new car.... and my sweaty feet graced her dashboard for the ride home from our run.  She just loves having me home!

I actually got two pairs of shoes because I need to alternate my running shoes every day if I keep up or increase my mileage (5-10 miles/day)

Check out the beautiful bay that sister, mom, and I ran around/awkwardly lifted weights that we brought with us ----

I would say you could run forever when you have something that beautiful to look at... but you can't.  My out-of-shape ass was tired after 4 1/2 miles.  I'm kind of a work in progress.  BUT I walked away completely blister-freeeeeeeeee!!! woohooooo.

We came home and made lunch.  I went with the hearty & healthy tuna salad, which I loaded up with pickles, peppers and tomatoes!

We ended up having a late lunch and an early dinner because Sister and Mom were headed to see some creepy modern version of Sleeping Beauty at the theater... which was fine by my because my tummy was hungry after just a few hours of sitting on my ass!

Dinner.  Was. Delicious.

Mom -- who is all about lean protein -- found these bison filets at Costco.  They're like 5oz pieces of HEAVEN!!!!  It's melt-in-your-mouth pieces of filet mignon and get this: only 150 calories.

You heard correctly.  It has like zero fat but all the flavor.  150 calories people. I think the bison population might be in trouble now that I've declared my love for their meat :)

On the side, we had millet and brown rice, seasoned with sesame oil and soy sauce. 
Andddd we had an awesome salad topped with a balsamic glaze and... FRESH FIGS.

Okay and obviously I had an ice cream cone and two slices of PMS cake.
Wait until it's actually my time of the month... I need like ultra PMS cake by the truck load.  Costco should really start looking into that. 

I'm off to "learn arabic" while I wait for mom and sister to finish working.
And then, I'm going to look at my blister-free feet for a few hours.

laters my taters

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