Thursday, August 11, 2011

Golfing with the Gram

Guys, I've found my new favorite and totally ass-kicking activity...

More specifically, golfing with the grams!

Quick summary of my morning:
- two delicious cups of coffee with my mom's sugar-free vanilla caramel creamer (good buy, Mom!)
- 4 and 1/2 miles around the neighborhood
- dutch chocolate protein shake with cottage cheese -- THIS MADE IT THICK AND CREAMY! I topped mine with corn flakes for some crunch

----------------------- back to my bright future on the fairway

We started off with two buckets of balls... I probably could have used 5 more buckets for practice.  My "swing" - if you can even call it that - was a little less than perfect.  But after a half hour of lessons from the master, Grams assured me I had a promising golf career ahead of me (what do you mean she's my grandma so she has to say those things?).

Our tee time was at 11:15!!  7 holes later, a few lost balls, some muscle fatigue and endless tummy grumbles later.... I asked Gram if we could call it quits and head to the local vineyard for lunch. (Right before I would tee off, I'd have these visions of mouth-watering sandwiches and I'd keep calling out to Gram and suggesting restaurants... she told me to focus on the ball.. maybe that's why my "swing" was soo off?)

ps. fun fact ---- I checked out the calorie-burning stats on golf - 200 to 260 calories an hour.  Who knew golfing could be such a workout?? 
At the vineyard cafe, I ordered a mind-blowing meal:
A warm salmon BLT on pumpernickel rye bread and a tossed house salad with tomato basil vinaigrette :) oh my yum. 

The BLT had a lemon and dill mayo with onions mixed in... sooooo tasty!

Grams opted for the Mediterranean pasta salad with a side of garlic bread.
Sorry Gram, but my lunch kicked your lunches butt! It's ok... next time I'll order for ya ;)

Okay seriously... I was pooped after our adventures on the green!  So, we headed home and took naps while watching 30 minute meals with Rachel Ray. 

Woke up and had a snack -- my other new obsession -- Skinny Cow Mint Fudge Ice Cream!!

Fast forward through my boring life to my exciting dinnaaa
Leftovers with some pizazz!

Leftover eggplant and zucchini parm with healthy fettuccine and a side of steamed veggies.

Healthy Fettuccine:
- 1 packet of Shiritaki noodles (soy noodles at 40 calories a pop)
- 1 wedge of Garlic and Herb Light Laughing Cow cheese (35 cals)
- garlic salt!
That's it!!

The noodles were sooo delish... I was gong to put the eggplant parm on top, but after tasting the noodles by themselves, I didn't want to compromise the flavor. 

If you had to guess how I'm going to end my perfect day?

later :)

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