Sunday, August 21, 2011

6 Miles and a Major FOOD Feast!

Soo you know how I'm all about finding the balance in life??
It's possible to live a healthy lifestyle and still indulge a bit, after all, you should be able to enjoy yourself a little - right?

Yesterday was the perfect example of finding balance between food and fitness:
More specifically, 6 miles of fitness with my two favorite people & 6 gigantic plates of food... with 4 of my favorite people!

We laced up our sneaks and headed to beautiful Mission Bay to work up an appetite before heading over to Hillcrest to meet up with some friends for breakfast/brunch!

6 miles later...

Nice and shweattyyy & ready for some food!! It's funny how working up a sweat actually works up an appetite... we probably could have used a few more miles to get rid of the 5 slices of pie and 2 messy sundaes we enjoyed the day before.  Baby steps, people.

I made a reservation - thank goodness, check out that LINE - for the famous Hash House a Go Go in San Diego, which has been featured on Man Vs. Food.

This place redefines serving sizes... even Adam Richman couldn't keep up.

We met up with our family friends, Jackie and Justin (just about the cutest couple ever) -- but their one flaw?? They had never been to HASH HOUSE.  Unspeakable.  Unacceptable.

They ordered a simple hot chocolate to share.  Guys, those are jumbo marshmallows in that cup.

Then came the crazy amounts of discretionary calories :)
We always order an entree per person with the expectations of taking home enough left overs to last a week and a half (or maybe a day and a half in my household)

Mom ordered the Meatloaf Hash - a buttermilk biscuit, scrambled eggs and a hash made of meatloaf, roasted potatoes, spinach, and red peppers -- SO GOOD. and so huge.

Sister ordered one of our go-to favorites: a blackberry granola flapjack.  yes, that it one pancake. It's probably the size of my entire upper body...

Jackie and Justin decided to go splitsies on the Tractor Driver Combo -- a buttermilk flapjack, roasted potatoes and scrambled eggs - They were shocked by the amount of food that can fit on one Hash House plate... but then again, they're newbies to this whole thing. I find that the serving sizes are just the right amount for me (okay, kidding... don't worry)

Winner of the day (in my humble opinion):
Andy's Famous Fried Chicken Benedict - fried chicken atop biscits, bacon, scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes and smothered in chipotle gravy sauce!!

Do I really need to go into details here, or can you guess how freakin' amazing this was??

Don't worry, all of us left with FULL BELLIES, but we also left with very full take out boxes (4 to be exact) so we didn't do anything crazy, like attempt to lick our plates clean.

We've been eating pancakes, hash, and fried chicken benedict leftovers non-stop....
I'd definitely say this qualifies as a well-balanced recovery meal for our post-workout snack, yeah?

After spending a relaxing day at home, nursing our full bellies with some tea, and sleeping off our inevitable food comas... Mom took me out for a truly dramatic night.

I'm not even kidding - We saw Much Ado About Nothing at Shakespeare's Old Globe Theatre

The play was HILARIOUS! It was a story of two very different couples: an oil & vinegar type that tease each other and bicker like no other, but actually end up falling in love.  And a young couple that falls completely head over heels after just meeting...

It was hilarious!  And we walked out feeling quite cultured :)

What a way to spend my last night in San Diego!!!
Tomorrow: back to school, back to reality.

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