Monday, August 29, 2011

Day From Hell -- Heavenly Night

Warning - this post might be short and to the point.  I AM TIRED!!!!

Soooo... you automatically know when you get less than 5 hours of sleep, your morning might be a little rough. This was the lovely thought that I fell asleep to - after I got back from work - at two in the morning!!!

When my alarm went off, I was not happy.
It's safe to say I was a little less than my pleasant, morning-loving self.

However, I did have breakfast to put some hop in my step.
Golden multi-grain waffles covered with maple syrup. and a HOT cup of coffee.

Work was pretty bad.... It's hard enough to be nice when I get a normal amount of sleep. But when I'm operating on fumes (approximately four hours) I am mightyyyy dangerous.

I might have kicked someone when they couldn't figure out how to work the scanner.  And another gym goer when they didn't know where the locker rooms were.

THANK GOD leftovers kept me sane :)
 Butternut squash and chicken sausage bread pudding for my lunch! And a huge apple!

I ended up heating up my lunch after my shift and heading out to find a spot in the sun to enjoy my goodies.  After devouring my food, I promptly fell asleep for 14 minutes before Arabic!

Plus side?  Being half delirious from lack of sleep made me confident enough to volunteer for a dictation in front of the entire class (the teacher read arabic words aloud and I wrote them on the board for everyone.... woah, man!) This could have gone wrong.  I could have been terribly embarrassed. THANK GOD I'm a genius.


I came home from class and I was surprisingly in the mood to cook.

It finally happened.
I have broken out my Christmas/Birthday present early.....

HELLO VITAMIXER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is probably the coolest 17-appliances-in-one-awesome-machine thing. EVER.

What did I make? Falafels.

I blended a cup of chick peas, some spinach, some onion, some flat-leafed parsley, added in garlic salt, cumin, cayenne pepper, salt and pepper.

And decided to put it in the refridge so I could make fresh falafels for dinner!!!
I knew I needed...
1. a snack that would carry me through a boring class and a hard workout
2. a nap.

So.... I took a Larabar out for a test drive :)
and I was NOT disappointed. 

I tried the peanut butter cookie flavor, upon Jenny's recommendation (I looovvee peanut butter - nut buttttt - and cookies, so this was perfect).  And the coolest thing?  This bar is dense, delicious, and simple.  It has only 3 ingredients: Dates, peanuts, salt.

I had to reschedule that running date from yesterday thanks to a SPRAINED ANKLE (someone from the gym noticed my fat kankle and diagnosed me with a frontal sprain).  So, I decided to take it easy and go for a swim to get my workout-for-my-own-sanity in.

I broke out the big guns: the one piece, the swim cap, and the goggles. 

I LOVED SWIMMING!!! I was scared I'd be extremely slow and get laughed and pointed at.... then I was scared I'd fall asleep and drown in my swim lane... but once I got into the pool, I knew it would be a good time.  I met up with my high school bud and we jumped right in to a great workout.

1800 meters looked like this:
- 200 meter warm up
- easy 500 meter freestyle
- 5 x 100 meters at fast/race pace
- easy 500 meter freestyle
- cooldown

I was planning on adding in 5 x 50 meter sprints... but my partner was cramping like no other.  And I was hungry as a hippo. So I basically sprinted home, took the world's fastest shower, and got to cookin

Falafels? Yep, they're still in falafel form.

However... they soon transformed into a pile of mush, which I decided to embrace, sautee a little bit, and use it as a delicious salad topper on my very own Mediterranean plate.

I ended up heating up some of my leftover Mediterranean rice pilaf and pita bread andddd adding in some garlic and red pepper hummus from T. Joes :)

I finished that whopping plate of food in under 10 minutes....
because I was excited for my date!!

With the roommies :) AT OUR YOGURT PLACE!!!
Jenny knew I'd be a grump today - thanks to lack of sleep and being over worked - so she suggested a froyo date after dinner... which I looked forward to all day.

Ghirardeli chocolate and caramel custard topped with almonds, waffle cone, and raisins.

On that note.. I'm going to hit the books :(
and promptly hit the... pillow? (is that even an expression?)

night folks!!

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