Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I know my last San Diego trip had enough decadent desserts and dinner celebrations to kill a horse... but all of those mini-extravaganzas were building towards this day:

She's the most amazing person I know.  And Mom, you deserve the world on your big day :)

Mom, you've taught me everything.  Any wisdom I have, has been passed on from you.  Any compassion I have, comes from your extraordinary love and kindness for friends, family, and strangers. Any strength I have, comes from your constant encouragement to be stronger.  You've been my rock, you've been my inspiration, and you've been there to pick me up everytime I go big and fail miserably.  I thank the Lord, everyday, that I got lucky enough to have you in my life.  I love you more than anything and I wish I could be there right now to celebrate (with some Brownie Sundaes!) .... Happy Birthday to my Mom, my best friend, the best person I know.

PS. I told you she was inspiring!! Check out this post for details about her journey to a healthy and happy lifestyle.


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