Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fiber & Frat Parties

Oh yeah, it's official: back to school craziness has begun!
Of course, the best way to remedy all the stresses of getting your schedule finalized, picking up books, and figuring out where the hell that ONE building is -- frozen yogurt.  At my second favorite place (nothing will ever replace you. Golden Spoon).

After working from 9-1, my amazing roommates waited for me to get off at the gym and we immediately headed out for a mini-celebration.  It's not like we ever need an excuse for FroYo... but we made one up anyways.  We're officially all back at school and we've survived a summer of separation, so that obviously deserves an afternoon treat (pistachio cream and french vanilla froyo with waffle cone bits, carob chips, and roasted almonds).  HEAVEN.

I have a confession.  I was working until 1... and we were supposed to get lunch (because we had a cool event at the gym)... but I was kind of impatient and starving.  For those of you who know me... it is NOT SAFE FOR OTHERS to be around me if I'm hungry.  So, I did the responsible thing and slowly slipped out the side door and literally sprinted (with my walkie talkie headset.. I was quite a site to see) to Subway to grab a sandie :)

Veggie delight foot-long with provolone cheese?  Demolished in under 5 minutes... I got some lettuce and mustard on my headset and I almost licked it off to hide the evidence.  But those things are nasty.  And people at the table next to me were looking (if I had been alone, it would have been COMPLETELY different...)

And can I just say, I should be awarded for my self-less action... I was protecting all the innocent gym goers from literally getting their heads bitten off by a bitchy (but still super cool) worker bee (me..duh)


We came home to nap, watch tv, sit on our butts, blog a bit (my roommies are also bloggers!! I'll link their sites shortly... yes, they're gorgeous AND hilarious).

I eventually decided I should probably do something productive -- like grocery shopping!!!
This is my all-time favorite pastime!  I will grocery shop for pure pleasure... any day of the week.

Unfortunately. I got overly excited, peed a little bit, and ended up carrying back half my weight in groceries.  I had to walk like a mile uphill with all my goodies... I took a snack break when I hit the half way point.  Refueling, people.

We all decided to have a nice sit-down dinner and discuss important roommate things (like what happens when someone clogs the toilet or brings home "guests" for sleepovers?!?!)

I made.......

A 1/2 of a sweet potato topped with spicy black beans, diced tomatoes, and cottage cheese.  A side of roasted asparagus, seasoned with garlic salt. And a simple tomato and lettuce salad.

and I had an apple. More fiber... It was a glorious mix of flavors.  Although, my tummy wasn't sure what to make of the excessive amounts of fiber that I had just ingested.  Plus, I had an ice cream cone -- and I mayyyyyy be slightly lactose intolerant :)  My roommates just love me.  

We decided to stray from our usual homebody routine and go out to a friends' apartment and, later, a lame frat party.  Guys, it's an integral part of college.  Everyone needs to put in the required amount of time at frat parties filled with pretentious, I-think-I'm-way-too-cool-for-my-own-good frat boys.

Since Jenny and I weren't drinking, we played sober sister and had a blast dancing and watching all the drunkies have a good time too :) my friends are so attractive. We were back in our apartment, changed, and ready for bed by midnight.... I'm part grandma, part college student. 


This morning, I thought I had work at 9 am, but I wanted to get a workout in before I headed out, so I laced up my sexy hot pink nikes and went for a pretty easy 5 miler around town.  It was cool and sunny out... it reminded me how much I love the Bay Area. 

I had a waffle for some pre-run fuel.... but I was starving by the time I got back.  So, I fixed that by stuffing my face with carbs.  

Puffed wheat cereal bowl with almond milk and fresh blueberries:

And a Thomas' Light Multi-Grain English Muffin topped with Light Cool Whip and sugar-free red raspberry preserves.  Packed with 8 grams of fiber! Delish.

I found out I'm actually working later.. which means I didn't need to wake up and go running... but you never regret a workout.  And it was kind of hilarious to run past all the girls doing "walks of shame" back from various parties.. classy, ladies.

I forgot how entertaining school life can be :)
Off to do some not-so-entertaining things -- like books, supplies, arabic prep.

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