Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Calories Don't Count On Your MOM'S Birthday!

I didn't want any food pictures to steal all the attention from my MOM'S BIRTHDAY POST so now you're all going to be overwhelmed by porn... foooood porn.

And just so you know, calories don't count on your birthday. SO, since it's my mother's birthday, that means half of my calories don't count, right?  fact.  Don't you just love how genetics work like that? (Yes, parents, this is what I've been learning in class... your money has been well spent)

Today went by super fast even though I had a little down time to relax...
Thanks to the end of Ramadan, my Arabic class was canceled!!
Fun fact? Today is the day of feasting in celebration of Ramadan... so, obviously I had to participate in that.  Purely out of respect for my fellow classmates.

Breakfast was a thick bowl of apples and cinnamon oatmeal!

I love a huge bowl of oats in the morning.  They fill you up (for at least an hour....!) and it always makes me feel like I'm eating dessert for b-fast.

Um, upon grabbing the books I'd need for the day, I realized I was packing a small library.
WHO NEEDS THAT MANY TEXTBOOKS?! It's called an IPad professors... just create an app for it.  They have an app for everything else.

I headed to class (sat next to a cutie!) and then headed to get some fuel before going to spin.  I ran home to change into my long spandies (nobody likes a chafe-y crouch) and a tank top, grabbed a handful of raw almonds and a bite-sized pbj lara bar!  That little bar fills you up like no other because it's basically nuts and dates crammed into a delicious bite.

Spin class was bomb.  My thighs were a-burnin' but our instructor was super pumped so I felt the need to keep up with his energy...

That doesn't mean I wasn't excited when it ended.  I was ready for food.
I hit the weight room for a total arm workout.. and then basically ran home (actually, I walked... dumb sprained ankle.  Anything that gets in the way of food in my mouth... not my friend)

Leftover butternut squash and chicken sausage bread pudding & and chopped salad topped with yellow mustard, tomatoes, and hearts of palm.

I had to have a dessert after that meal (like every other meal) so I had...
Plain yogurt with frozen mixed berries, coconut extract, and puffed wheat cereal!

While I enjoyed my dessert...
I iced iced, baby.

Today called for a two-broccoli-ice-pack!

Shortly after, I had to run (okay, walk really fast) to my last class of the day.  Human rights is always a good way to end your day :) although, normally the subject of genocide is considered depressing... weird.  Maybe I'm just wired a little differently than most people.

I ran some errands, met up with some old high school buds who were visiting the area, and headed home for ANOTHER delicious meal.

I wanted major comfort food.
So I took a trip to the South for some inspiration (this trip took place in my mind... I actually pictures South Carolina and Tennessee for a few minutes). 

Waffles with jalapenos chicken sausage smothered in maple syrup, maple syrup baked beans, and yellow and green beans on the side :) 

When I want comfort food... I go all out!!
This meal will probably be a regular in my household - starting today.  Sweet and savory deliciousness in the form of waffles andddd MEAT?  sign me up.


Well, in honor of my mom's birthday...
and the end of Ramadan
and the fact that I get double the calories today (thanks Mom & genetics & no-calorie-birthdays!)

I took a trip to my favorite ice cream place :)
My friend from high school actually Yelp!ed this place ahead of time and asked if we could go... Uh, she didn't hear any objections from me.

I got the burnt caramel and the cinnamon candied orange peel in a home made waffle cone filled with chocolate at the bottom.  

And she got a scoop of honey and a scoop of milk chocolate, sour cherry & marshmallow ice cream :) 


birthday post - in case you missed it the first two times.

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