Sunday, February 5, 2012

PDR, Recovery, & Rest

Happy SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!! Giants for the win, baby :) 
I hope everybody's weekend was filled with some fun times and fantastic food...
mine definitely was

if any of you are avid Pinterest/humor section browsers, this was our inspiration: 
We got close, right?

Workout: A PDR
Well, I got the best text a girl could as for: 
"Casey, do you want to tackle a 20 miler with me on Saturday?"
My response?
"HECK YES. Name the time and place!"

In reality, I was beyond nervous -- especially since my furthest distance was 15.5... but what's an extra 5 miles, especially with great company and fun trails? 

Before our epic 20.5 miler

After... still just as excited!!

We kept an easy 9 min/mile pace and ran some hills, some trails, and some road routes to make it to our desired mileage.  It was fun!  We talked about everything from running, to feet, to boys... it was a long run.  And I had a blast.  My legs held up pretty well, they just started feeling tired.

I showered, ate some meatball subs, pb & cookies, and slept for hours.
Also, I had only gotten 3 hours of sleep the night before (don't recommend that...) so I was exhausted.  I felt like my body just shut down... as did my mind!

Oddly enough, I wasn't hungry at all.  I kept forcing myself to eat random things -- apples, pb, luna bars.

I headed over to my girls' apartment and we lounged around - they're reading the Hunger Games series (soooo good and addicting) - I napped, then we headed to a healthy fast food place for dinner.

Healthy fast food?  Does such a place exist?
You bet!  Only in the bay...

Vegan Chili and Cornbread + a Dolphin-Safe Tuna Salad Sandwich on Whole Wheat

Both were delicious!!
We had plans to get frozen yogurt afterwards... but my stomach just wasn't having it -- instead we ended up with a cookie, some chocolate, and some coffee :) perfect night!

Super Bowl Sunday:
No workout. Work from 7-11 am. Sleep. And this happened.

Oh, college life.... 
We had all the best junk food: chicken tenders, buffalo wings, chips and salsa, guac, queso dip, gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, 4 types of m&ms, ritz and pepperjack cheese, apples, pb, bell pepper slices, and another assortment of chocolate bars. 

Sufficiently stuffed.  Like, I had to take tums because my tums was upset. 
I've declared super bowl sunday one of my favorite holidays!  It's an excuse to be a pig - kind of like Thanksgiving :)  gotta love it

Anyways, I have tons of school work to catch up on!
Monday, here we come

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