Monday, February 27, 2012

Post-Mexico Eats & Activities

Hey errbody!  (does anybody else immediately think of Tipsy - errrrbody in the club gettin' tipsy?)

Anyways, it's freakin' Monday.
My day started at 6:30 with an early shift at the gym.
Two words: Reality Check.

Since coming back from Cabo, I've actually adjusted pretty well to normalcy.  Minus the fact that we're smack dab in the middle of midterm season, so stress levels are pretty high!

I promise to do some more Mexico recap but I want to fill you in on my Sunday and Monday! 


I was surprisingly well rested and ready for action by 7:30 - I think I'm still riding that post-vacay high.  So, I hopped out of bed and realized I was starving but I didn't have any groceries in the house!

Berry Coconut Whole Wheat Pancakes! 

I added 1/3 cup of whole wheat flour, 1 handful of frozen berries, 1/2 tsp of baking power, 1/3 cup of liquid (I only had water but I usually use almond milk), 2 packets of stevia, salt, and some coconut extract.  SERIOUSLY DELICIOUS! and filling!

Workout & Lunch
I did some silly errands around the apartment.... unpacking a bit, some emailing, some blogging... then I headed out for a much-needed run.

You know those runs that you KNOW will kick your ass?  This was one of them.  I chose a long, hilly run for my first post-vacay exercise just to show myself how out of shape I was.  I only went 9.5 out of the 10 planned miles (because I got super hungry and decided to walk...)

It's scary how fast a weeks worth of crappy (but amazing) food + unusual exercising catches up with you.

I got back to the apartment and realized, once again, NO GROCERIES!
Fall back?  Quinoa Veggie Stir Fry!
1/4 cup of tricolored quinoa, a cup of broccoli and frozen greens, 2/3 cup of meatless crumbles and soy sauce for some flavor -- this is one of my favorite meals, hands down.

I also had a serving of Trader Joe's Sweet and Salty Trail Mix - my favorite.  I routinely eat this for snacks and dessert.

Side note: here are the purchases I made from a jeweler in Mexicoooo!
My first diamond ring (on my ring finger) - white gold band with a diamond and a sapphire.
And a platinum and Swarovski crystal ring (middle finger) for kicks.

Activities and Dinner:
I made a beeline for the door shortly after my lunch (and a few phone calls to Dad and Mom so they knew I survived my Mexican adventure) and headed over to my lady friends' apartment for some catch up and gossiping!

Took a quick break for Trader Joes:
- meatless meatball, black bean and corn enchiladas, spinach, braburn apples, eggplant, feta, almond milk, greek yogurt, more quinoa, more flour, trader joe o's.... the works!

Then I headed home for a nap and an early welcome home dinner with the girls.
Indian food -- always has a special place in my heart!

Vegan Aloo Gobi: curried cauliflower and potatoes - extra spicy!
Roti - whole wheat, over-baked bread.

GUESS WHAT: I didn't have dessert.
Okay.. well I got hungry around 10 and had more trail mix... but check out my commitment to healthy(er) eating.  My body is still recovering from Mexico...



Breakfast & Work:
I was up at 6:30 for a much-needed yogurt bowl and cup of coffee.
Hello, weekday work schedule... how I loathe you.

1 1/2 cups of MultiGrain O's, Fat-free greek yogurt, blueberries, cinnamon, stevia, and almond milk.
I'm addicted to carbs + creamy yogurt.

I was actually thankful for my early morning start, because I got to study a bit before taking one of the hardest Arabic tests of my life!  Talk about reality check: work + test?? ON A MONDAY MORNING.

I was debating on if I wanted to just pick something up in between work and class... but I decided to be smart and back a yummy lunch.

BLTC: Turkey Bacon, Laughing Cow cheese, Spinach, Tomato on Whole Wheat. This sandwich was so good... I haven't had a BLT in ages and it sparked a craving!  Guess what I'll be having from now on :) I also had an apple on the side -- braburns are BOMB right now.

Workout & More Work:
I had class until 2 and then a break from 2-4....

This break is usually my nap time, but since I had work at 4, I decided to squeeze in a workout.  Easy 7 mile run -- sadly I only made it to about 6 before I walked home... I don't think my body remembers how to run.  I'm a bit angry.

My anger didn't last long, because I was back at the gym to work a fun environmentally-friendly fitness festival!  My job?? To make people rappel down the side of our gym....

 Yeah, they said I scared away the customers...
What's wrong with a creepy face and some croutch huggers?

I WAS SO HUNGRY because I only grabbed a banana after my run...
By the time I got home, this happened:

Baked potato topped with veggies and black bean soup + dollop of greek yogurt. 

Looks lovely, doesn't it?
I'm actually embarrassed to admit it was kind of tasty.  But, then again, I would have eaten an old shoe at that point.  I had more trail mix for dessert and my tummy has finally stopped growling at me...

I'm off to do more work... in the form of research papers + Arabic.
Welcome back, Casey. 


  1. All your eats look soo good!
    When I'm super hungry I just grad a bunch of food and throw it into a bowl too.. :)

    1. Thank you! Hunger and laziness = food in a bowl! Somehow, it always turns out delicious :)