Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rainy Runs & DISNEY

Yesterday was amazing.
And for no particular reason whatsoever -- it was just a good day, you know?

Okay, maybe there were a few reasons:

For one, my morning started off with one of my favorite go-to, feel-good recipes!  Whole Wheat Blueberry Pancakes which always starts my morning off right.  Hello, they're my breakfast of choice on test days so obviously they're part magic, part delicious.

Then, when I was eating breakfast, I made a really good decision....
To download all my favorite Disney songs/random songs that are the bomb.

Um, if you're not down with Pocahontas or Hercules, get outtttaaa here.
On any given day at any given time, you can flip through my recently played and find a random assortment of country, pop, disney, opera.... I like it all.

Then, after my music fest, I made the second best decision:
To skip lecture (because we had a guest speaker and it was pointless... but really, it's on abolishing all prisons.... something I'm not in agreement with - sorry to get political here) AND go running instead :)

I was inspired after listening to all my Disney songs... but really.
So, I laced up my sneaks, through on warm clothes and headed out into the RAIN for a nice recovery run. I was going to do 10 miles but then I had a flashback...
"Casey, you're going to get injured and burn out if you keep putting up miles like that before you start training..."

So, instead, I forced myself to stop after 6 miles and walk 2 miles back to my apartment.  Good choice!

Leftovers make the best lunch.
Especially when you make a ton of leftovers because you KNOW they're amazing..
I mixed together mushrooms, quinoa, chopped & roasted brussel sprouts and heated 'em up -- then I topped it all with some garlic salt and some feta and it was absolute perfection.

I actually just made another bowl of this for dinner (but we'll get to that tomorrow).
I had a caramel brownie luna bar for dessert because they're so damn good.

- snacks included pretzels, crunchy pb, and cookies... of course.

I work the 5:30-9:30 shift at the gym so I always have to pick something up in between class and work -- thankfully, I pass by tons of healthy options on my way!

Oh heyyyy, Subway! long time no see. 
Veggie footlong with the works PLUS melty pepperjack cheese :)
My coworkers were impressed that I could take this down...

Um, little do they know that I was still hungry after and ended up stopping for froyo and some more trail mix after I got off.  They obviously don't hang out with me enough.

Anyways, I had a great day.
Mostly because I got to flirt with a few hotties at the gym - gotta love the night shift ;)

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