Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Best Of... Cabo Edition

Okay, guys -- I'm back!!
I had elegant plans to write a post a day while in MEXICO, but that quickly ended when I overdosed on mexican food and ended up in a weeks-long food coma :) 

However, I have TONS to share with you!!!! TONS. 
I was debating on if I wanted to break it all up into different recaps.... but I figured one extremely long post with a million pictures would be the best.  Be warned: if you're hungry, don't read on!


We figured we would "get sick" of heavy (but delicious) Mexican food after a few days... wrong.  We basically ate our way through the entire vacation and I'm proud to say we were able to try everything on our Mexican to-eat list: nachos, enchiladas, chips & guac, tamales, chile relleno, tacos, fajitas... 

Shout out: best restaurant was hands down Mole Mio!  We went here on day two and never left.  We ate here every night except for one when we were too tired to drag our butts into town.  5 course meals for two for under 30 dollars (total!) and it was authentic Mexican.  By the end, the waiter gave us the shirt off his back (literally) and we knew the entire staff.  

Chile Relleno - a breaded stuffed pepper with cheese and red enchilada sauce

Mexican Tortilla Soup - with avocado, sour cream, cheese, chicken, and tortilla strips

Enchiladas With Green and Red Sauce -- chicken and cheese enchiladas with half green and half red sauce - topped with more cheese! 

 Fresh Fish Tacos - loaded up with pico de gallo, beans, salsa, and guac

Corn Dough Patties topped with Beans, Salsa, Pico and Guac -- and cheese!

Que Tamal Con Mole -- enough said

 Mexican Feast (after our camel adventure) - authentically cooked in front of us!  Beans with cheese, Mexican stew, Chicken mole, Cactus salad, and eggs & hot sauce with fresh tortillas

Fresh chips & salsa -- the Mexican Bread Basket

Enchiladas Con Mole -- Mole Mio is famous for their mole!  Its a chocolate-based enchilada sauce... to die for. 

Shrimp & Cabbage-stuffed peppers with an asian twist - soy sauce!


We got a 2 for 3 package deal with Cabo Adventures and we were beyond impressed with their activities and their professionalism :)  BUT they knew how to show us a good time!

1. Camel Riding with a nature hike, mexican feast, and tequila tasting

2. Hanging out with our Mole Mio Crew

3. Snorkeling and Kayaking Adventure

4. Jewelry shopping & getting proposed to

5. Zip Lining, Rock Climbing, Rappelling Adventure

6. Beach and Pool!


Everything from our hotel resort to the street of downtown Cabo yielded some gorgeous and memorable views!!  I tried to snap a few pics to share them with you but you just gotta be there!

1. Our Resort - La Playa Grande

2. Medano Beach

3. Camel asses

4. Cabo at night

5. Inside of Mole Mio - decorated and filled with local art

6. Beach outside our resort

7. Lovers' Beach

8. The Marina

OKAY GUYS --- I lied.  I don't have room to post a million pics!!
But I'll be back with best drinks, best mistakes, and best desserts later :)


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