Friday, February 3, 2012

Meatball Subs and HUMOR

I hope we're all ready for the weekend -- but really, is anyone ever not ready for the weekend?
I have a slight confession: my weekend started last night (Thursday) even though I have one baby class today (Arabic from 12-1)... more on that later.

So, I finally went grocery shopping and I came home with an array of random food that I wouldn't typically buy.  BUT, in an effort to add more protein to my diet, I was game to try turkey bacon, meatless meatballs, and turkey breasts.  Get ready for some weird recipes in the near future ;)

Unsurprisingly, one of my new items made it into my breakfast line up.
I went for a savory breakfast sandwich -- who am I?
Two slices of sprouted flax seed bread, egg beaters, a slice of turkey bacon, and laughing cow light cheese.  This was a flavor masterpiece -- my tastebuds were shocked (they're used to eating sweet things 24/7 starting at 7 am.... it was a big deal)

I'll probably start including more of these savory eats into my morning routine.

Well, since I didn't have my usual oatmeal/yogurt and cereal mess for breakfast, I decided to have one for lunch.  I like to do things backwards and just eat breakfast foods all day... it works.

Greek yogurt, cinnamon, blueberries, banana, multi-grain trader joe's O's and almond milk!
It took me a good 15 minutes to get through this massive bowl...

But of course, I was rushing because all I really wanted was...
So, of course, I decided to buy two tubs of cookies because I'm indecisive and couldn't make up my mind in the 2 hours it took me at trader joe's... I've been keeping these cookies by my bed (along with a jar of crunchy PB) and I swear both tubs are nearly gone.

It's been two days... I'm in trouble.

1. My sister is amazing and bought us these shirts for our marathon.  I will run for bacon... or donuts... or carrot cake... or chocolate chip cookies (I really don't discriminate).

2. I had a few good laughs in class when I stumbled upon my new motto: dance like your v-jay's on fire.  Is there any other way?? I mean really....

3. I'm kind of a big dill. It's kind of obvious at this point...

I literally take screen shots of these ridiculous things and send them to random people on my phone list... sometimes our humor doesn't match up and I'm left with an awkward "oh.. haha that's cute" reply instead of the expected "OMG CASEY HAHAHAHAH THAT'S HILARIOUS OMG YOU'RE SO FUNNY"... you know?

I was a lazy bum all day.
I sat in bed (between classes), took a 12 minute nap, and ate cookies & pb instead of going running. So, by the time I finished for the day, around 5, I was itching to run.

I had plans to go out with friends around 8:30, so I had to make it a quickie.  7.3 miles, tempo - it was getting dark and I started to get nervous!  If that isn't motivation to run faster, I don't know what is.

Another purchase made it into my eats for dinnnnaaa!
I've been craving meatball subs ever since a new hot sandwich place opened up near my apartment... Of course, I had to have one.

Open-Faced Meatless Meatball Sub:

I used two slices of my Sprouted Flax Seed bread, a serving of meatless meat balls, 1/2 a cup of marinara, a cup of spinach, a laughing cow wedge, parmesan cheese, and garlic salt.  IT WAS AMAZING!

Guess what I'm having for lunch today?!?!?!

Random, but I had this on my phone.  I had to get approval from sister before I headed out for the night.  I hate the unwritten rule that girls can't wear sweats and parkas to clubs... I was freezing.

My night included dancing, listening to my friend DJ, and late night pizza :) hot, melty cheese and pepperoni to be exact.

Yay for the weekend!

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