Monday, February 20, 2012

Medano Beach and Mole Mio

HOWDY!! from paradise
Yes, howdy is the traditional Mexican greeting....

Actually, I've been practicing my Spanish skills since we last spoke.  I have "leave me alone" and "food" mastered -- as well as some inappropriate words that a new friend taught us.

Breakfast and Workout:

ANYWAYS, today was amazing.
Our morning started off with a bowl of thick oatmeal (we packed out own oatmeal supplies and we utilized the stove top to cook up a huge batch, porridge style).

And a trip to the fitness center.  After 23 minutes on the treadmill, I was bored.  Then my phone fell off the machine and I decided to go running instead.  I ended up doing 3-3.5 miles outside and 2.25 miles on the tready before coming back to elliptical for about 20 minutes while reading trashy mags.

Sister and I also realized that our bank accounts and our waistlines can't handle eating out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so we stopped at a grocery store after dinner last night to pick up essentials.

We made some Turkey, Ham, and Pepperjack Cheese Lettuce Wraps with a side of PB and Banana Sandwiches!! and some Animal Crackers for dessert :) While watching An Affair to Remember in bed.

After relaxing and rehydrating, we headed out to Medano Beach!
This is the hot spot of Cabo -- known for drinking, bikini contests, and water sports.

Of course, we chose a quiet(er) spot on the beach with good services, cheap drinks, and a 50+ crowd that left us alone to enjoy the sun :)

2 for 1 HAPPY HOUR :)  Pina Coladas, French Fries, and Banana Smoothies were enjoyed.

We got a water taxi back to the hotel -- genius.  We originally walked the two miles to the beach but after relaxing in the sun, we were almost too tired to walk back.  Luckily, it was only 3 dollars to get a water taxi right to our marina!

We promptly headed upstairs to catch a quick 30 minute rest session before I got hungry.

Mole Mio!!!!
I remember coming to this place with my parents a few time, but Sister had never been.  We scoped out the menu the night before and we were sold.

Free margaritas, Chips & Pico De Gallo!!! COUNT ME IN, BABY. 

Salad with Beans, Cheese, Tomatoes!

Sister and I went for two entrees to split!
Enchiladas Con Mole with a side of Refried Black Beans and Rice
 Que Tamal Con Mole with Bean and Rice

Great food.
Great ambiance.
Great Sister....

BEST DESSERT: FRIED ICECREAM. This was a thick and doughy fried shell with a luscious Haagen-Dasz scoop of vanilla in the middle!

Confession: we walked to a market and bought Pan Dulce (pastries) and like 500000 cookies and I ate soooo many that I was actually sick and uncomfortable.

Luckily, I'm most likely NOT going to be in a bikini -- and I probably won't work out.
Oh well.

Guess what I am doing.... It starts with a C

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