Saturday, October 22, 2011

Chocolate-Covered Everything

Mmmhm, you heard me correctly.
I've been in a chocolate-covered coma for the last 25 hours!! Which is probably the happiest state of being one could ever be in... don't you agree??

Well, before I tell you how I ended up drinking chocolate/licking it off every part of my body (no, don't go there), I want to share something I'm kind of proud of :) 

I hit my 108th mile this month!! 

I also did something really stupid in the process... you win some you lose some, I guess.

I headed out for a 10.3 miler... without drinking water for a good 14 hours.  Who does that? Not only that, but I didn't have fuel with me (or water, of course) anddd I was running (literally) on about 3 1/2 hours of sleep. Smart, Casey... really.

Anyways, it was good but tough.  The funniest part wassss when I looked in the mirror and saw some sweaty monster staring back.  The other day, my friends were like "if anyone can make working out look attractive, it's you"..... and as I looked in the mirrror, I knew I had to take a pic to prove them completely wrong. There is nothing attractive about sweat stains from your neck to your bottom/crotch-al region.

Soooo... wanna move past the sweaty crotch pictures and check out some chocolate?
Sound a little more appealing? 

Personally, I think the sweat adds a lil' somethin'.. but anyways

Last night, one of my favorite lady friends came racing through the door and announced that she would be making bucket loads of chocolate-covered strawberries for our post-dinner enjoyment :)

She also announced she would be making creepy faces the entire time she was cooking...

Yes, I only hang out with attractive people... if you can't tell from the above pictures.
We're a lovely bunch.

Um.. melting Ghiradelli semi-sweet morsels and milk-chocolate chips?? With butter, of course. 

Want to guess how many fingers went into that pot-o-chocolate?!
It's hard to resist... I'm really not at fault here.

Annie is especially skilled at double and triple dipping the strawberries into the chocolate mess... So we get the perfect ratio of like an inch of chocolate and a dash of strawberry.

Yes, obviously there's only one way to dispose of leftover melted chocolate..
with your mouth!

You can't just let that go to waste.  We ended up turning it into a cheap-o college fondue sesh, where all sorts of food went in for dipping (rice cakes, pretzels, edamame, peanut butter... yeah, it was a big deal)

Before diving into that chocolate coma-inducing mess, we decided to be responsible and grab dinner (yeah, I say that like it's a chore..)

We headed to a middle eastern restaurant near campus. Annie got the chicken kebab, Tommy got a beef kebab, James got a beef kebob wrap, and Lisa got a Middle Eastern plate (I realize you don't know these people orrr what they're food looks like... but I was drooling).

I went for the
Falafel salad, which was kind of amazing. 

I almost want to rush through dinner so I can just skip to the chocolate part.
We literally raced home like we ran and raced each other..... mature, I know.

But. look at these babies.

Ohhh yeah... I told you we're an attractive group of people.

Really random side note:
My new favorite treat is rice pudding (no-sugar-added) and nanners!

My post-run snack today :)

okay.  I'm actually at work and my supervisor keeps giving me weird looks.

Enjoy the chocolate-covered food porn!!

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