Saturday, October 15, 2011

Reunited and it Feels So Good!!

Oh yeahhhh, we were finally reunited... and it tasted so good!! 
(as in... we had a major foodie celebration and I'm still full!)

Who is that  lovely creature and why was she in the Bay Area?? 
Well, that would be Sister - who I haven't seen since we went back to our respective schools in the Fall :( she's my built-in-best-friend, so I've kind of missed her! 

Quick bragging sesh: she was in the bay because a company flew her out for interviews.  She's a genius and she goes to Harvard for grad school (yes, she's 3 years older than me...).  She also happens to be gorgeous, almost half as funny as me, and she runs marathons for fun.

Sorry, boys, she's not interested.

This is kind of how my amazing day went yesterday: 
Woke up.
Ran 8.2 miles. 

Anyways, after class yesterday I ate my lunch and packed my bags to head to Palo Alto (where she was interviewing).  I had an hour to kill when I got to her hotel -- um, two queen sized beds and a fully stocked snack bar?? -- so you can guess what happened...

We played catch up over dinner at 

Oren's Hummus Shop -- this really cool Israeli restaurant that uses the freshest ingredients!  They are obviously known for their hummus... because you order all these different assortments for your entree and they bring out piping hot pita bread until you're stuffed!

We decided to go with the Triangle Hummus, which came topped with three delicious blends of God-knows-what.... and fresh white and whole-wheat pita!

We also got a side order of fresh falafel balls, which were bite-sized and delicious!  I have missed these babies :) It was super fun to make little pita-falafel-hummus sandwiches.

And we had to try the side of Sweet Potato Fries which were probably the best I've ever had.  They were crunchy and fried to perfection on the outside! Yum.

The tables were really smooshed together, but we were lucky enough to be seated next to the worlds nicest and cutest couple!  They were super generous and kept sharing their dishes with us!  We kept joking that we were eating "family style" with strangers :)

They gave us a heaping portion of their Chopped Greek Salad, which was different from other Greek salads - in a good way!  It kept to traditional Greek style by making the tomatoes, cucumbers, and cheese the main event... delicious!

Obviously, we had no complaints...

We had told our new friends that we were planning on eating our way around Palo Alto, and they gave us some great dessert suggestions!  So, while we were heading over to our next stop, we obviously had to get some assorted pastries to basically take a bite of and then pack away to take home!

Okay, so clarification: Sister and I tend to buy a massive amount of sweets, pastries, and desserts, but usually we only take a bite or two, and then save the rest for later.  If we actually ate everything we bought, I would be sick to my stomach.

Anyways, we went to Paris Baguette, the same place Henry took me during my last P.A. trip!

It's super cool -- it's like a pastry buffet!!!
I know. right?

Basically, you get a tray and a set of tongs and you go around and pick out all the amazing-looking, amazing-smelling pastries you want!! We got a little carried away.

Cream cheese doughnut puff
Red bean doughnut puff
Sponge cake 
Vanilla almond cream cheese ring
Pecan and caramel cinnamon bun

This was my favorite.  It was a two-biter.

This was Sister's favorite. Also, a two-biter.

We packed up the rest of our bitten and tasted pastries and headed to our intended dessert destination!  Upon recommendation from our dinner companions, we went to Shokolaat which was this super modern, ultra trendy, lounge-type restaurant that serves lunch, dinner, and dessert!

The menu was an entire page in length... but you get the idea :)
This was a blurry picture - I wanted to show you how trendy this place was!  Mood lights, swanky seats, and all!

We ordered the Bittersweet Chocolate Souffle and the Tiramisu with a scoop of Orange Blossom ice cream to balance out our chocolate :)

The souffle was perfectly cooked! It was traditionally french, with light and airy pockets of chocolate cake and a side of melted milk chocolate to pour into/onto/all over!

Sister basically turned it into a chocolate soup, as she drenched the entire souffle in chocolate :)

I was more into the tiramisu! Yes, that is a chocolate shell.  It was delicious.  There really aren't any words to describe it...

The waiter also suckered us into buying two cookies for our pastry collection - a white chocolate mac and a double chocolate -- I would have to say, THANK GOD for the waiter's suggestion!! Yum.

We hobbled back to her hotel... literally, because I decided to give her my comfy sandals in exchange for her blister-causing steve maddens...

And climbed into bed to watch Bridesmaids!!! HILLLLARIOUS!
You need to go rent it. NOW.

We may or may not have ordered room service, just because it was paid for by the company... but I'll leave that for you to decide.

Basically, I had a great sleepover with one of the greatest people in this world... seriously.
Off to work!!

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