Sunday, October 2, 2011

Chocolate For Breakfast.

Mom, I blame you for this. 

As you know, I've been trying out different mix-ins with my pumpkin pie pancakes and, of course, she decided to suggest adding in chocolate chips!  Believe me, the thought had already crossed my mind.  BUT, knowing my lack of self control and my bigger than normal sweet tooth, I was scared that if I started my morning off with chocolate... my whole day would be chocolate.

HOWEVER, after my mom planted that little tempting seed in my mind.... I had to try it.

Chocolate chip pumpkin pie pancakes. 

Ohhh my goodness.
Once you go chocolate, you never go back.

Thanks, Mom. I've learned yet another important life lesson from you: chocolate should be included in every meal.

So, last night -- while I was being a crazy, fun college student -- I got a text from my long lost friend who's been away on travel for the past week!! He suggested grabbing brunch to celebrate his arrival... sooo, of course, Annie, Lisa, and I readily accepted.

He suggested two of the best brunch places in he bay... and I got to work "yelping," google imagine, looking up reviews -- extensive research, I know.

Now, I don't know what to get:

Sweet: Brioche french toast.

orrr -- Savory: eggs benedict with homefries. 

Mom, we already know your vote, Ms. Chocaholic-and-all-things-sweet-lover.  But, I don't know.... that eggs benedict is kind of calling to me.

I hate these dilemmas.  Want to bet I order both??

I'm off for a recovery run :)
Here's some food for thought for your Sunday morning --

What are you capable of?

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