Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kind of A Wet Dog

.... I didn't get the "it's raining, it's pouring" memo this morning.

Right after I grabbed some fuel and finished this morning's post, I grabbed my sneaks and at the very last minute decided "hmm... maybe I should wear long sleeves instead of a tank."

Thank goodness I was half way awake and made that last minute decision! 
Because as soon as I hit the pavement, rain started a-falling.

And no, this wasn't one of those pleasant, light drizzles... it was pouring.
And it was windy.  Darn...

But, I finished a nice 7.5 miles before turning into a pop sickle.  

I went on a longer-than-planned run, which meant breakfast to-go!
The people in my pol psych class probably think I'm a nutcase.

I grabbed some ----
Apple cinnamon oats with blueberries. 
A baby apple. 
A Honey and Oats bar.

This held me over until like 2:30, when Matt - my amazing roommate - shared this thing with me!! OH MY GOODNESS... deep dish sausage and pepperoni pizza leftovers!  I had a few bites :) 

and some more breakfast food for snacking :)
Honey Wheat Toast with laughing cow, sugar-free raspberry preserves, raisins, and cinnamon.

I've been trying to save my appetite for dinner tonight....
Because my parents are flying in!! And my dad is an even BIGGER foodie than I am... is that even possible? if you don't believe me, check out these posts -- the majority of the food I consumed on our trip to Croatia was all his idea!

I'll definitely be eating my heart out for the next few days...

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