Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Day of Celebrations!

WOW. I can definitely say I had one hell of a weekend....
Of course, any weekend that starts off with a visit from my sister is bound to be amazing, right?

I have so much to fill you in on!
Where to begin... 5:45 am wake up call and breakfast?

So, Sister had a car coming to pick her up at 7:30, which of course translated to waking up two hours in advance so we could take advantage of the hotel's gourmet breakfast options!  Is it weird eating french toast in the dark?  no.

We lounged around the room and packed up our stuff, then headed downstairs to the restaurant for some crazy-good breakfast!

The outdoor patio was super cute - romantical, right? - but, it was too cold to enjoy!  So, we took our butts back inside and ordered a Breakfast From the Griddle Trio  to split and some Irish Oatmeal!

The Trio Platter included all the "griddle favorites" like fluffy waffles drizzled with strawberry sauce, Brioche french toast with caramelized bananas, and - the best part - lemon ricotta pancakes!

We also had some really tasty Irish Oats, which neither Sister and I everrrr make at home -- our bowls (which is one serving, split into two) were super creamy and dense and we added mix-ins like candied walnuts and plump dried cranberries! YUM.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end :(

Sister's car arrived and we said our goodbyes... I won't see her again until Christmas!  But, I'm sure Harvard will keep her busy so she doesn't die of separation anxiety (I like to pretended that she seriously misses me...)

Anyways, I made the drive back to my side of the Bay.

Laced up my Nike's. And headed out for a really pretty - and relaxing - long run.  I didn't plan on making it a longer run, but my legs really wanted to go.  I ended up doing about 9.5 miles and I enjoyed every step!

I took the worlds fastest shower... like two and a half minutes fast... and headed out to pick up my lovely roommate and friend, JENNY, from work.

The end of her crazy detox! You can read about her experience here, as Jenny completed a two month detox without added sugars, grains (of any sort), or meat.  We obviously had to celebrate her success!  By chowing down on her favorite meal of all time: Cheeseboard Pizza.

We eased her into "normal food" with a healthy dose of sugar and pastries which I brought back from Palo Alto -- hello, chocolate chip cookies are the best way to shock your system back into sugar and carbs, right?

Jenny has been dreaming about Cheeseboard for months.  When we got there around 11:25, there was already a line out the door!  Which is understandable, check out their pizza of the day:

Cheeseboard is a local pizza, bakery, and cheese collective that only serves up one type of pizza and one type of salad daily, and they've never been a disappointment!

Can you tell Jenny is in heaven?

I opted for a slice of their pizza and a small side salad, both of which were enjoyed immensely!

The crimini mushroom, onion, and goat cheese combo was to die for.  And the salad - which came with roasted corn and a cilantro lime vinaigrette - was a perfect compliment.  I can usually polish off about half of an entire pie, but today, I only ate one slice!  The baby slice was packed away :(

My stomach has been subjected to ridiculous amounts of food lately... so it's been up and down.  We have a love/hate relationship...

I went to work from 2-5, where I was greeted by some friends from high school who stopped by!  Best surprise ever!

Then, I ran home because it was my roommates birthday!!!! Matt just turned the big 2-0 and he wanted to celebrate with a college-style birthday part (you can guess what that means) and some pre-party dinner at his favorite restaurant.

Indian Flavors.

I'm a huge Indian food lover, but I've been hesitant to get Indian because I just can't control myself at the buffets! 7 plates later and a basket full of naan and I can hardly move...

However, Indian Flavors, is a one-dish and one-bread type place -- and it's MATT'S FAVORITE! 

I was excited. 

I got and order of Roti (whole wheat thin-crust bread)

And I couldn't decide between Chana Masaala or Aloo Gobi, so I ordered both and ate about 1/3 of each then packed up the leftovers.

Chana Masaala

Aloo Gobi - extra spicy!

I got my to-go boxes -- hello, amazing leftovers! -- and we headed to....

You can probably guess.


Birthday celebrations are a big deal around here...

Pistachio creme and vanilla classic yogurt with waffle cone and graham crackers. 

We returned home and the party started...

But I left. 

I actually went to go study and catch up on work before coming back to catch the tail-end of the party. Jenny joined me, because we're both equally loser-ish on Saturday Nights.

But, when we came back, the fun ensued!

Don't worry, there wasn't alcohol in the cup :)  Mom and Dad and Nelly, you can rest easy! 

While many were enjoying the beverages of the night.... yes, in alcohol form... many just assumed I was shwasted thanks to my inability to act like a normal person in public.

What? Is this not how you wear party hats?

Obviously, my goal in life is to always look extremely attractive...


So, that was the end of my Saturday of Celebrations!  And thank God, because I don't think my stomach can handle anymore eating out... (okay, that was a dirty lie).

Off to run and study and study and study!
Midterms aren't over.

Hope you're having a great weekend!!

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