Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Midterm Madness & Savory Oats!

Well, folks... it's officially Midterm Madness over here!!
Which means, tensions are high, sleep is low, and food is your only source of comfort :(

On my hellish run this morning, I came up with this list of symptoms:

You know you're stuck in midterm season when...
- you're so tired, your midterm paper starts to sound like a recipe page (halloween candy & human rights?!?!)
- you sweat out coffee on your morning runs
- your mind is so shot, you can no longer form proper sentences
- you run into trash cans while you're on your run because you attempted to catch up on sleep and close your eyes for a bit....
- you can only answer "yes and no" in your Arabic class because you no longer have the energy to translate what your professor is saying...

Yep.  I am stuck in midterm madness.

Anyways, I've actually been keeping up with food and picture-taking, but I haven't had the time to sit down and share it all with you guys!! I know.  Who puts studying before blogging?

Do you mind if I quickly photo-spam you guys?  Gottaaa run to class already!

My breakfast yesterday was a cool combination of some great breakfast foods -

Original oats with a cup of Kix, chopped nanners, blueberries, and walnuts mixed in. I love the kix and oatmeal combination!! woohoo.

I packed up a sandwich for my in-between-classes lunch... by "in-between-class" I mean in between my 2 hour lecture and my Arabic exam..

So long summery Guacamole sandwiches, hello roasted chicken breast!
Sara Lee's multi-grain bread with Laughing Cow french onion lite, roasted chicken breast sandwich meat, lettuce, and a chopped Roma tomato.

I also had a cup of peach Chobani - thanks, Nelly, for leaving some behind for me to polish off...
I've become addicted to these things.

Not that being addicted to Greek yogurt is a bad thing... it only becomes problematic when you're scraping the inside of the cup during class and people start to get annoyed.

After my spin class - with my rooommmie! - I came home and dove, head first, into a huge salad packed with some delicious leftovers.  I've become kind of good at this whole "use up leftovers" thing (I will elaborate on that later).

Dump salad.  Chopped romaine lettuce topped with crockpot chicken, sweet pototatoes, carrots, and onions (from my soup!) and a chopped granny smith apple.  I paired this combination with some of Annie's sesame ginger dressing which was kind of amazing.

can you spot my Arabic homework...? eating and studying :( so sad.

 I had to switch gears from Arabic to International Human Rights because I have a midterm paper due tomorrow! I called up my lady friend, Annie, and suggested we lock ourselves in the library (to avoid any distractions.... it is impossible to study in a cafe when there are cookies and carrot cake, let me tell you...)

She had the genius idea of STOPPING FOR MY FAVORITE FROZEN YOGURT on the way to the library, to get some brain food. 

They had my favorite flavor ever. ever. ever.  And it only makes an appearance once or twice a semester!!!! AHHH... good sign. 

New york cheesecake and pumpkin pie froyo topped with oreos, waffle cone, and graham crackers!

 Then I went into the library...
and didn't come out until 2:15 IN THE MORNING.

This happened.

Then I woke up at 7:15 to finish up Arabic homework that I didn't have time for last night...
hence the sleep deprivation and the coffee sweat.

Breakfast was quick and easy:
Multigrain english muffin, toasted, with a drizzle of honey and a side of scrambled egg beaters with some salt and peppaaa.

I went on my pathetic run-into-trashcans and sweat-out-coffee run
Then decided to cheer up and go to my favorite abs and back class which turned out to be just what I needed because I was greeted by Lisa, Jenny, and Tasha!  three of my favorite girls!! (Annie isn't a morning gym-goer otherwise my list would be complete).


SOUPer Savory Oatmeal

- one serving of oats
- 1 3/4 cups of soup (I used my crockpot soup broth)
- leftovers (also from my crockpot soup)
- a pinch of italian seasoning, salt, and pepper.

Wow. This was amazing.  I let the oats and the broth cook for about 5 minutes before tossing in the chicken, the sweet potatoes, the carrots, and the onion.  It tasted like a risotto but had the consistency of porridge?  I don't know.  But i loved it and YOU KNOW I'll be coming up with more savory oatmeal recipes

Really quick:
Just had a butter bread sandwich, half a granny smith apple, and some nuts for a pre-class snack!
About to pump my veins with some extra strong coffee.... I know, bad, bad ,bad.

if i survive this week.

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