Saturday, October 1, 2011

Not-So-Healthy Living...

Yes, I try to be healthy like 75 percent of the time... but every now and then... I get that urge.
It's called an urge to splurge.
I never feel guilty after such events -- mostly because I'm on a massive sugar high due to excessive dessert consumption.

Anyways, it's Friday night.
Instead of spending my time downing cheap beer and vodka (like most college students), I prefer to eat my calories, not drink-and-pee-them-out :)

Henry, a fellow Foodie friend (who is responsible for donut adventures, dim sum, and other nonsense), called me up and asked if I'd like to accompany him to Palo Alto to do some shopping and "maybe grab some dinner..."

and grab dinner we did. 

First of all, he greeted me with this baby:

Red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting

You're lucky I snapped a picture before I devoured that thing.  It came from this Mom and Pop store (according to Henry)... and it tasted like it was made from home -- with love in every bite! (sorry to get all cheesy - dessert makes me emotional).

When we arrived in Palo Alto, we did some exploring.
Some pumpkins were fondled & photographed.

AND some bakeries were celebrating their grand opening!
This new shop - Paris Baguette, I think - was justttt opening their doors for business :) So obviously, we had to show our support and check out the goods. 

We split a Pecan and Nut Pastry  -- super light and flaky crescent-like bread filled with maple, pecan, and nutty flavors.  It screamed fall, which means I was obviously a fan.

And we also grabbed one of these random balls to try (we had no idea what it was?)
Pastry filled with Red Bean paste. -- This actually reminded me of my Dim Sum days, as red beans tend to be the main event in many asian desserts.  Henry and I definitely had no problem finishing this up! The sweet bean paste (which sounds gross, I know) went perfectly with the doughnut-like bread!

We decided to do some more walking because it was absolutely gorgeous outside.

But then this happened:
We were debating on what we wanted for dinner. Italian? Pizza? Thai?
Burgers and fries? SIGN ME UP.

I can't even tell you the last time I had a legit burger....
We opted for the two-of-a-kind side order of sweet potato fries and beer battered onion rings.

Let me tell you, these did not disappoint (thank you, ketchup and ranch!)

AND THEN -- I ordered a mini-chili cheese slider.
I was loving the small burger idea, especially because that meant room for dessert :)

Henry ordered a terriyaki chicken slider and a pulled pork slider (both of which I sampled... and enjoyed, duh). But we were already contemplating what our final meal of the night would be...

DESSERT. (yes, again... who do you think I am?)

We drove to La Baguette right in the heart of Stanford...
We had difficulty making up our mind (chocolate? fruity? both?!)

But, I decided on the
Chocolate sponge cake with chocolate and white chocolate mousse

and and Almond Croissant. To split with Henry!

Ahhhhh!! The cake was so moist and light.  Sponge cake should really just be categorized under "air" instead of dessert... who else is with me on that one?

And, of course, the almond croissant was to die for.  Not too sweet :)  but just sweet enough to satisfy my intense sugar cravings!!

I may or may not have also grabbed a chocolate chunk cookie... I'm not sure.  It's all a blur.  I was intoxicated with sugar at this point.

Guys... I'd say tonight was a success.
Maybe I went a little overboard.  Maybe not.
All I know is, what a great start to the weekend! 


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