Friday, September 30, 2011


I really fell for Fall this morning.
Like literally, down a flight of stairs... in front of a few poor people who had absolutely no idea whether to laugh or help me up.

Scene: I'm walking to class, listening to my Ipod and maybe singing a bit. I was walking up a flight of stairs when my foot got caught on the top stair... then, when I tried to catch myself with my other foot... I missed a stair entirely.  I fell forward and faceplanted... then proceeded to roll back down the stairs.. as the contents of my purse went flying.


The poor person who was trying to help me up assured me that it happens all the time and I shouldn't be embarrassed (his sympathetic tone makes me even more embarrassed). THEN, another passerby rushes over and says, "Wow I totally saw that.  I thought you were going to recover... but then you just went down hard."


Anyways, after my fall... after a discussion section and a lecture...
Someone from my Arabic class bought me another free sandwich!!! This is quickly becoming my new favorite Friday tradition!

Veggie, feta cheese, and hummus sub on honey wheat bread.

Is it just me, or does that sandwich look bigger that I thought?? 
I mean, I had no problem devouring the whole thing during one commercial break... but it seems like quite a doozy.

Anyways, off to nap and explore the Bay a bit before dinner with my girls!
Hope you're enjoying your Friday, with your feet firmly planted on the ground!

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