Friday, September 2, 2011

Eating For Two

Ahlan Bikum!!

Wait, what do you mean you don't understand what I'm talking about?? You don't speak Arabic?
.... neither do I. Which explains my obvious absence yesterday and my total lack of enthusiasm and energy on my blog posts recently -- Arabic is taking over my life!

I suppose this is a good thing, seeing as I'm logging a good 3 hours a night on my Wajib (homework)

Give me another week and I'll have a few sentences under my belt.
For now, you'll have to deal with my annoying rants about this totally foreign language!

Anyways, let's talk about something a little more entertaining:

Toasted multi-grain english muffin and a bowl of yogurt with frozen berries and puffed wheat

By the way, is anything better on carbs than butter?!
Answer: no.

I headed to an 8 am spin class -- still no running -- and I was kind of unenthusiastic, to say the least.
Um, my instructor did NOT help things at all.

1. Instead of biking along with us (like most do), he was walking around in his too-tight spandies and yelling "words of encouragement" the whole time.  The whole time I had to resist saying get your fat ass on that bike and pedal!!!!
2. He started playing my Grandpa's funeral song (You Raise Me Up - Josh Groban)?? I love that song, it's beautiful.  But it is in no way a good spin song.

I came home after a little elliptical sesh and a little weight lifting.

I needed something cold and creamy.
Yogurt bowl with frozen berries, bananas, puffed wheat, and cinnamon.

Sooooo, went to Arabic.
Got my booty kicked a bit, but ended up walking out with the useful knowledge of how to introduce myself and my "friend" to a group of people.

I always feel like Middle Eastern food after Arabic -- just one of those side effects, I guess.

Middle eastern salad, topped with homemade garlic and yogurt sauce, tomatoes, hearts of palm, roasted falafel mix and a leftover falafel and hummus.

Yes, I eat salad with chopsticks.
Yes, I finished that entire bowl of fiberful salad. 
You know it's bad when your food no longer fits into a regular serving bowl and you have to resort to extra large mixing bowls to hold your massive portions of food :)

I had some hot chocolate, some calcium chews, and some cool whip...

I have cravings like a pregnant woman, I tell ya.

Sometimes, I'm tempted to tell everyone I'm eating for two so they ----
1. Don't judge the large quantities of food I consume
2. Don't judge my weird cravings


I broke out one of my first easy, go-to recipes :)

Vegetarian Lavash lasagna.
- 1 lavash wrap
- Broccoli, squash, onions, and cauliflower (veggie fillings)
- a cup of pasta sauce/tomato sauce
- 1/2 a cup of water
- non-stick cooking spray

1. Steam your fillings. I steamed my veggies with some water in the microwave for about 2 1/2 mintues.  Then sprayed a pan with cooking spray, placed my lavash in the pan, and added the veggies & about 1/2 a cup of sauce.

2. Fold & drench. Fold your lavash in half, and pour about 1/2 a cup of water over it.  This sounds weird, but this makes the lavash turn into a pasta-like substance.  Then, pour the leftover rest of your sauce over the top and cover with a lid for like 2-3 minutes.

3. Add some cheese.  I like mine nice a gooey... So I cut about half of that "lasagna" and topped it with a slice of Kraft singles cheese and some cottage cheese (added garlic salt) and popped it in the micro (microwave.  micro sounds way cooler) for like 30-45 seconds?

This may not look delicious but it sure tastes delicious.

Grab your way-too-small-to-be-a-legit-spoon spoon and dig in!!!

For those of you wondering why my dinner is so teeeeeny (and for those of you who think that's a normal Casey portion size - shame on you), I was kind of saving myself for dessert. 

I know, I have issues planning my next meal while I'm still eating my current meal.

But, this was a scheduled froyo date - due to my horrible spin class, Jenny's near-death treadmill experience, and Matt's lost IPhone (which was returned to him, so it was a celebration for him).


I stopped by yogurt land and only bought the best toppings:
sweet red beans, coconut, circus animal crackers, nilla wafers, almonds, mochi, oreo crumbles, toffee chips, carob chips, and yogurt chips :)

Then, I headed to the best yogurt place ever.
Thick and creamy.

Bought some Creme Brulee and Thin Mint Cookie froyo and added it to my toppings!

So what if the people in the yogurt shop thought it was weird that I brought my own toppings (from a rival yogurt shop)??
It's my yogurt I'll do what I want.

I think this may be a regular occurrence in the future.
Don't judge, I'm eating for two :)
See how nicely that little trick works??

Alright, my friends (I haven't learned that in Arabic yet), I will see you later!!
Just got my new work schedule and it is a definite improvement -- after all, I couldn't get worse.

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