Sunday, September 4, 2011

I'm Pregnant... with EMOTION

and a food baby.

warning: you are about to be bombarded with completely irrelevant details about my fun weekend AND close to a million pictures. 

Sooo, last night started off like any Saturday night should... with work. UGH.
I packed up a huge salad to keep me entertained for a full 15 minutes on my shift :)

This is the same salad from the previous night -- except it looks like it tripled in size and weight.  I actually had one tired right arm from carrying this the .7 miles to my work.

The sweet potato and maple baked bean combo is kind of my latest obsession... which means you should definitely try it out.

Can you say holy fiber???  My coworkers weren't happy with me.  Let's just go with that.

Anyways, I got off work and ran home as fast as I could... which is actually a very pathetic brisk walk since I'm still on running probation.  BUT I was extra excited to get back to the apartment because....

now that all the roomies are under one roof.. we figured it was time to celebrate.

And celebrate we did.  With diet coke floats :)  Jenny and I played sober sisters for the night, so while everybody else was toting around the infamous red cups, we were rockin' our root beer floats.

Who says sober isn't a good time?? I had a blast.

I got to eat massive quantities of chips (and blame it on the drunk munchies... because everybody just assumed I had to be that drunk to eat entire bagfuls of sour cream and onion chips).

side note: sour cream and onion chips with a side of ranch lays.. keeps the gentlemen at a distance.

I got to practice my dance moves.
Um, when did this "move" go out of fashion?? I forget that "dancing" means grinding one's butt against another's "goodies."  However, I find the good ol' twirl-and-dip to be a little cooler.

There was some roommate love going on....

Check it out!! The hottie on the left is my roommate from freshman year :) surprisingly, she can still stand me after spending a good 300 days of confinement in a cinder block dorm room with me.

There were some creepy face pics....
Weird that I didn't get the "smile and try not to look like a pedophile" memo.

Oh yes, and a few marriage proposals.
This was actually the first proposal of the night... apparently drunk college boys think about marriage instead of sex these days.  Talk about an upgrade!

Yes, mom and dad, meet your future son-in-law.

AND although we had quite a mess to clean up in the morning... it was a great party.
And great parties always end with late night eats :) so, we headed to "late night" and picked up some buttermilk pancakes, fried chicken, and loaded omelets.  I know, don't you miss college?

I was pregnant with emotion because I just realized I have some of the greatest friends in the world :)

Plus, I literally thought about that cheesy line (from Knocked Up) while I was showering and I giggled for a good 5 minutes at how hilarious I think I am.... I was thinking of putting it as a FACEBOOK STATUS but the last thing I need is a bunch of people skimming through the status updates and seeing "casey is pregnant..." Am I right?

ANYWAYS --- I would explain why I'm also pregs with a food baby, but I got a hot date with some friends to go see Crazy, Stupid, Love !!!!

That means tomorrow's blog post with rock your food-loving worlds!!!! 
Because it rocked mine today :)  You'll just have to wait.


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