Thursday, September 29, 2011


Yeah if I could somehow put my annoyance into words it would come out like a pathetic attempt to growl... IT IS COLD OUTSIDE!!!!

And, in all honesty, I love cold weather!! I love the fall.  I love the winter (....and it's not a coincidence that both seasons are home to the best all-you-can-eat holidays of the year!  )

BUT, it's been so hot recently, that my fall mojo has been thrown off.  I've been in tank tops and shorts, downing froyo like it's going out of business because it's been summer weather for the past week.

So, this morning -- I thought I was prepared. I woke up and said "hot weather, bring it on!"

I grabbed a handful of almonds, some strong as all-get-out coffee, and headed out for a 6.5 mile run before class :) Thursdays are super busy for me, so I try to get my workout in early.

My entire run, I was contemplating what summery breakfast I was going to whip up, since I couldn't possibly have oatmeal or pumpkin pancakes on another hot day.

Creamy strawberry protein smoothie with candied walnuts. 

See how gigantic that is!?? I didn't even get to eat it before class, so I packed it up and ate it in my lecture hall -- eliciting weird glances from people who have obviously never seen a smoothie in a bowl in the middle of class.

I also packed up my typical lunch!
However, it was too cold to eat outside!!

FALL WEATHER, you're killing me.

Honey wheat bread, french onion laughing cow cheese, guacamole, slice roma tomatoes, and romaine lettuce.

Unfortunately, I was a cold, frozen zombie for the rest of my morning.
It was cold.
I was ready for my hot weather: tank top, sandals, and shorts.
I was a little tired from my early morning run.

So, when the time came for a warm blanket and a quick nap, I was more than ready :)
Rachel Ray kept me company as I snoozed!

I woke up to make a snack before class (I have two back-to-backs... meaning, I get extremely hungry and angry by the time I finally get back home!).

Multigrain english muffin with honey and half a Granny Smith apple -- and some nuts!

Okay.... I'm going to go change into boots and pants and my NorthFace
Cold weather, bring it on!

See you all for dinnnnaa :)

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