Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Idea of Perfect.

My idea of a perfect Friday night goes a little like this....

1. Go over to your friend's apartment and talk about useless things while catching up on missed Grey's Anatomy episodes. 

2. Beg them to go to the BEST SALAD AND BREAD place... ever.

3. When they complain that they're sick (because you invite yourself over and cough all over them when you smother them with affection), force them to go anyways. 

4. Order a Vegetarian Delight -- Salad Beast

5. Immensely enjoy the huge, warm, doughy slice of honey wheat bread that comes with the salad.  And send a quick thanks to the Big Man Upstairs that your friend doesn't like bread (wtf) and gives you her slice of that delicious carby perfection. 

6. Walk .4 seconds to the FroYo shop around the corner and load up on Red Velvet Cake, Death by Chocolate, French Vanilla, and Taro Ice Cream topped with the entire contents of the toppings bar selection -- chocolate rocks, oreos, graham crackers, cap'n crunch, mochi, brownie bites, cookie dough, almonds, granola..... I stopped counting. 


Okay, we brought back some summer camp activities....
Yes, we're in college.  We pay bills. We go to work. We have responsibilities.

We apparently never mature past the age of 8, when hanging off the bed and taking fat pics was considered HILARIOUS -- because it obviously still is.

My chins are beginning to swallow each other and battle it out for a chance in the spotlight.

.... go to work and act slightly more "your age"
But I don't consider that part of my Perfect Friday Night plan.

Finally off to bed!!! Great night. 
I hope you started your weekend off with your own idea of PERFECT

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