Monday, September 12, 2011

froYOga & friends :)

If you're wondering... yes, I just coined a new term.
FroYOga: the act of getting frozen yogurt before going to yoga... and then getting frozen yogurt after your yoga sesh.

Believe me, I have an explanation (don't I always...?)

So, living with some of the coolest people on the planet actually has its pluses and minuses... 
I don't need to list all of their pluses (because that would just take toooooooo long) but some of the minuses include:
1. because my roommates are so cool, everybody wants to hang out with them and be their friend -- which leads to less Casey time.
2. because they're so cool, they're overly dedicated to school, work, friends, and family -- which leads to less Casey time.
3. because they're so cool, they actually go out on the weekends, instead of standing next to me while I fold towels at work -- which leads to less Casey time.

Do you see where this is going??
So, in order to fix this little dilemma, we made plans to have a sit-down, potluck dinner.  We each made a dish to contribute and we sat at our dining table (like the cute, little family that we are) and we played dinner-time games like "hi low" and "what are your goals for this semester"....

Jenny made this amazing vegetable fritata -- I will beg her for the recipe and pass it along.
Matt made some really yummy stir-fried veggies -- almost an asian flavaaaa??
Kenzie MADE pasta and tomato sauce with hidden veggies -- this is a big deal, as she is the queen to pastaroni and microwaveable meals.
and I made a lame salad and grilled some chicken on the good ol' George Foreman.

Shortly after dinner, Jenny and I headed to yoga (yoga to the people!) and decided we kind of had to stop for froyo because they have pumpkin pie frozen yogurt!!!!

Pumpkin pie and vanilla classic froyo topped/filled with carob chips, waffle cones, oreos, and diced roasted almonds

We had a great yoga sesh... and then got a text from our friend -- brandon -- asking to meet up for froyo.  OBVIOUSLY, we didn't want to be rude... so we went :)

Jenny and I split the no-sugar-added Kalua froyo... mmmmmmmm!

And that, my friends, is what I like to call froYOga...
technically it should be froYOgafroYO, huh??


This morning started of sweaty.
Like, I woke up all gross and sweaty, thanks to being sick and most likely sweating out all those toxins! So, I did my usual morning thing -- oatmeal -- and decided to head to the gym.

I did a really cool walking interval set on the treadmill for 61 minutes...
and by the time it was over, you would think I was from a different planet because of all the weird looks I was getting from other gym-goers.  What?  Do people not sweat this much?

Hmm...... I'll look into that.

Before class, I decided to eat a quick, but delicious, taco salad for lunch.

Black beans, salsa, cottage cheese, tomatoes, red peppers, and chopped romaine lettuce.

And I had a multi-grain sandwich thin topped with butter and honey.
This is my new favorite snack!

Okay, I'm going to just showwww you what I had for dinner... but I do have a recipe for you.
It involves sweet potato curry!

Obviously, I have plans for froyo later..
and no, I didn't just finish a banana smoothie-in-a-bowl....

I owe you a recipe!

Goodnight guys!

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