Sunday, September 25, 2011

I Found My OFFICIAL Pre-Race Fuel.

Not that I've raced in any legitimate races... or that I have a race in the near future... BUT at some point, I am running a few half marathons and the Disney World Marathon with my sister!!!

And when that time comes... I will be ready.
Why? Because I've officially found my perfect pre-race-day fuel:
- Donuts and curly fries.

If you missed out on my amazing dinner and donut adventure in San Francisco yesterday, you seriously need to back track and check it out (I'm still in awe of the beautiful combination of fluffy and sugary perfection... they have made donuts into an art form)

I woke up feeling a bit hungover from my sugar consumption... and surprisingly not sore at all from my long run yesterday.  I made some coffee and, although I wasn't hungry in the least, decided to whip up a stomach-settling breakfast:

Cinnamon raisin bagel thin toasted with Laughing Cow garlic and herb cheese -- and topped with scrambled egg beaters!

After devouring my weird breakfast sandwich combo... I waited for like 20 minutes, laced up my Nike Lunar Glides!, hooked up my Ipod, and slathered on some anti-chafe gel :)

I planned to do a quick 3-4 mile recover run, just to shake out my legs a bit.
Howeverrrrr.... It started to drizzle.  Then, it started to lightly rain... 

This changed my plans immensely -- you see, I LOVE RUNNING IN THE RAIN. Honestly, during rainy season (which is apparently 6 months out of the year up here), I plan my runs to coincide with projected rain times during the day.  Weird?? (I've done weirder things..)

Once I started running, my legs felt great.  Not sore.  Not tired... I was pleasantly surprised.  So, I decided to roll with it and run until I didn't want to run (or, until it was time to grow up and go to work).  9.2 miles later.... 

Obviously, the rain didn't do much for my excessive sweating issues, as I still had to shed my long sleeves about 2 miles into my run. 

If you're wondering why my shorts could probably function as capris (they're so damn long)... I forgot to check the size before I bought them and ended up with a Large instead of a Small.. However, these are my favorite running shorts (maybe I'm a large at heart?).

No judgies.

Off to work with my roommate/best friend/coolest person ever (yes, we work together and live together!!) then I have about 300 things to do to get ready for the week.  gross.

Hope you're having a great weekend! AND, if applicable, you're enjoying the rain :)

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