Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall-filled Day!

Warning: I have approximately 5 minutes to write this post before I have to high-tail it to an Arabic study group!!!

But... I just have so much to say!
Let me catch you up on last night before I tell you all about my fall-filled day :)

I had a staff meeting to go to, which usually means snooooze fest! I typically pass the time texting under the table and thinking up new oatmeal combos (for real...) BUT THAT ALL CHANGED because I work with two of the coolest people in the universe -- my sexy roommates.

1. Nachos were consumed (like three plates full...)
2. Reeses and Kit Kats were consumes (like three plates full....)
3. Friends were made :) roommates bonded!  It was a good time.

I came home. Crashed. And woke up with the startling realization that it was finally time...
Time for my first pumpkin oatmeal bowl of the season!!

Creamy pumpkin oats topped with raisins and candied walnuts!

I had to eat and run to work (ugggh, I miss my lazy mornings!)
So, I packed up my typical lunch-time favorite:

Honey wheat bread, provolone cheese, guacamole (x10), tomatoes, and romaine lettuce!

This was another one of those fork-and-knife sandwiches...
Unfortunately, I ate in the company of another human being (shocker, I know) and I had to explain my weird obsession with eating sandwiches with utensils.

Came home after class. 

Grabbed a snack:
Granny smith apple, candied walnuts, and raw almonds.

And decided I wanted to go for a quick recovery run!! I was determined/forced to run a short, slow run today because I had approximately 45 minutes before I had to go to class.... 3.5 miles later -- I was off (without a shower) to class.  The person next to me (LISA) assured me I didn't smell...

But she's 1) really nice 2) sick as all-get-out 3) can't smell for sheeeeit.

Stopped at Walgreens.
Cursed (audibly) at the person in front of me who must have been buying the entire pharmaceutical supply in the store....
and came home to make this wonderful dinner!!

Spaghetti squash topped with mushrooms, onions, soy crumbles, tomato & basic sauce, and MOZZARELLA CHEESE!!

I love "portion control".... mostly because I don't believe in such a myth.

Just made myself a pumpkin spice coffee :)
To take to the coffee house..... where I'm meeting my study group.
I'm such a freak!

SEE YOU TOMORRRRROW!! Hopefully I won't be as rushed and I will bore you with my endless and incredibly pointless anecdotes.  Deal?

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