Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Big Birthday Dinner and BIGGER Birthday Sundaes!

As I previously stated, if you cannot handle close up pictures of delicious food in massive quantities being consumed faster than I could take them... then you might want to just skip over this post.

Side note: I am sick. We're talking a sore throat and a stuffed nose...  so there was no workout for me.  I think my body is a little thankful, after all, it WAS FRIDAY!!! My biggest concern? What if my stuffy nose impeded my ability to enjoy all the food I was going to eat that night?!?!?!?

You don't have to worry.  I didn't have any effect.  At all. I thoroughly enjoyed myself :)

We got dolled up -- as in, no sweatpants! -- and headed over to the City for a celebratory birthday dinner!! Annie is growing up so fast :)  Me and the roomie HAD to get a bloggy pic, of course.

We decided to go with Thai food, after much debate and deliberation (believe me, it was quite the democratic process....) and we found ourselves at Osha Thai.

Not only was this restaurant absolutely perfect...
My dinner companions are probably the 4 coolest people you'll ever meet!  The birthday girl is that beautiful blonde :)  sheeexyyyy dinner company, huh??

Sooo.... if any of you are foodies out there, I'm sure some of you go through the same ritual that I go through everytime before I go out to eat: I look up the menu, I look up the restaurant on Yelp!, I pick out allllll the dishes I'd like to try, then I narrow them down based on the yummy pictures people post.


Well, this is awkward....
Thankfully, my fellow foodie friends are on the same page as me, and we already knew exactly what we wanted to order likeeeee two nights ago when we decided on the place!

Since Jenny is on her detox (read about it here! she's a blogger, too!) the rest of us decided to go family style and split all the dishes that titillated our taste buds... sorry that sounded way creepier than I had expected.

Our food was on our table within minutes (thank GOOODNESS, because some people are just as cranky as I am when they're hungry)!

Below you will see the picture that basically sums up my life -- notice my friends' impatient expressions.  They're such troopers.

Annie and I are huge Kabocha squash lovers andddd curry lovers -- so we got the
1. Spicy pumpkin curry topped with crispy sweet potato shreds. Soooo creamy.  I already have plans to recreate this recipe at home!

2. Pineapple chicken fried rice. Also another favorite at the table -- the perfect combination of sweet and savory! And, the pineapple wasn't overpowering at all, it was more of a subtle hint :)

3. Pad See Ew with beef.  Ahhh, I could have choked on this dish, died, and been happy, it was that good.... Normally, I find the noodle dishes to be too greasy or oily, but this was heaven.

4. Yellow curry with chicken and peppers.  Also, delicious.  Creamy with a little kick of spice -- it went perfectly atop the brown wild rice they served us!

5. Lastly, chicken pad thai.  Need I say more?

Sadly, we finished our meals in record time, which meant less "oohing and ahhing" over all the crazy-good combinations of  flavors, andddd more inhaling.  All of us are pretty fast eaters, so we literally finished our meals in under an hour.

Which was fine by me because...

.... I got the warm banana hot fudge sundae topped with a warm brownie.  and I didn't go splitsies or share with ANYONE.  Actually, all of us ordered our own sundaes :) After all, it is Annie's birthday.

I may regret saying this and completely deny it later... but... there is such a thing as too much fudge.

After our food babies were full... some of us even had twins... we played around SF before heading home. IT WAS COLD! But we enjoyed looking like total tourists :)

We headed home, changed into elastic waistbanded pants and oversized sweaters.... and fell into a food coma while watching A Knight's Tale -- ANY HEATH LEDGER FANS OUT THERE?!

It was a glorious evening...
and just looking at all these pictures kind of makes me want to do it all over again.  Hey, it's Saturday right???? There's always room for a little food action on the weekends.

I'm off to get my Vinyasa Flow on :)
That's my workout for the day... being sick sucks.
Then I have 10 hours of work!!!!

Hope you're all enjoying your weekends so far

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