Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Will Scream For Ice CREAM!

Okay, let's be honest... I would pretty much do anything for ice cream.  I've seriously been on the look out for some running gear that features food sayings like "will run for ice cream" orrr "will run if I can eat my weight in donut holes without being judged..." 

You know... just something along those lines.

Anyways, dinner was served courtesy of the Delta Gamma house -- and it was ENCHILADA NIGHT! mmmm :)  Of course, it was still 80 degrees by the time we got our food, but I'm down to sweat a little bit if it means some delicious mexican food.

I didn't snap a picture (wouldn't want to freak out all the girls who probably had me under a microscope...), but my meal looked exactly like this:

Chopped salad with feta, olives, mushrooms, edamame, tomatoes, and cilantro lime vinaigrette topped with two chicken enchiladas and mexican rice!

Thoughts about sorority life -- day two:
Honestly, I'm still up in the air.  I'm glad I got to see what life is really like in the Greek system, as opposed to all the tv show dramas that might have given me a negative view of sororities prior to these past few days.  The girls are all really nice, which I love.  AND it feels good to be a part of something again -- kind of reminiscent of team dinners (complete with huge plates of foooood!)

However, tonight felt more sorority-esque than last night.  People were fluttering around, trying to introduce themselves and ask the usual round of questions like "what's your major" "where are you from"... and it felt less sincere.  So, I'm still unsure. 

PLUS, if I decided to join, I'd basically have to sacrifice my monthly food budget in favor of the dues that we have to pay the house -- which includes meals.  Basically, I choose you guys or the sorority!?!?!?!  we all know who would win that battle.

Anyways, after our dinner and tour, I headed out to meet my lady friends/fellow ice cream connoisseurs -- Lisa and Annie -- to celebrate our friend's belated birthday!

Ice cream of choice? Ici Ice Cream!!!

check out the flavors of the day and try not to drool.

I sampled mint chocolate chip, coffee fudge swirl, creme fraiche, and milk chocolate-candied peanut.
However, my love for molasses gingersnap won out in the end:

Molasses gingersnap in a homemade waffle cone with chocolate inside. 

Can you see the real chunks of gingersnap cookies?!?! It's like two desserts in one!

Obviously, if you couldn't tell, I would pretty much trade in my future life-as-a-sorority girl for a night out for ice cream with my besties.  Plus... if I had to choose where my money would be spent... ice cream trumps all
To wrap up a perfect evening, we watched the latest episode of Glee, youtubed some ridiculous Miley Cyrus videos, and talked about the recent dramas in our lives (midterms, boys, boys, midterms.. etc.)

I'm off to go adrose (study, in Arabic)!!!!
Hope you have a great night!! filled with ice cream, perhaps?

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