Tuesday, September 6, 2011

24 Hours of Comfort Food

... So, I have some good and bad news.

I would ask you if you have a preference -- good or bad first? -- but we all know I'm just going to spill my heart out anyways (my emotions have been ridic recently!)

Good news: I'm a genius & I'll most likely be fluent in Arabic by the end of the week... fluent in the alphabet and numbers 0-10. Baby steps.  I'm pretty sure I aced my first quiz ! WOOO! And I can officially spell my name. I'm almost past the "toddler" stage of Arabic learning.

Bad news?? I went to the orthopedic doctor this afternoon.... and he had nothing nice to say about my feet, my ankles, or my legs (I know, asshole). 

Statements made by my doctor that I'm not happy about:
1. "You definitely pronate"
2. "You're slightly bowlegged"
3. "You should seriously consider scrubbing the calusses off your feet... they're huge"
and 4....

I have post interior shin splints in my ankles and a probably stress fracture in my tibia.

and last but not least, number 5..... 6-8 weeks of no running.

See why I need some serious comfort food??????!?!?!?!?!?

Starting with last night's dinner --- nothing screams comfort like chili.
I wanted to "beef up" my Trader Joe's turkey chili with some veggies (how funny... beef it up... with veggies...). So, I heated up cauliflower, broccoli, squash, onions, and tomatoes.

 and topped it off with warm turkey chili courtesy of T.Joes!

It seriously hit the spot -- and the mixture of veggies and chili was perfect. (creative way to get some added fiber/nutrients into those meals...)

Of course, when my friends asked if I wanted to get FROYO, I immediately jumped up from the couch, threw on uggs, and high tailed it to our fave spot:

Caramel bananas foster & english toffee with waffle cone, carob chips, almonds, and coconut.
It's sad how we started recognizing employees... and which ones serve the most froyo :)

 Breakfast was another comfort food staple -- Blueberry muffin oats.
however, I wanted to add a lil' somethin somethin'... So, I mixed together some sugar, almond milk, and coconut extract to make an impromptu coconut milk and poured it over my warm oatmeal.


I did some major power walking on the tready -- and even jogged for 4 minutes.
Then I had to pack a quickie lunch, shower, and be out the door (for class & my arabic test!) in 15 minutes.  I threw together a lavash wrap filled with garlic and roasted tomato hummus, bulgur, lettuce, tomato, onion, and mushroom. 

Aced my test.
Had a horrible time at the docs.
Had my favorite class (international human rights) with a hottie.
Went grocery shopping instead of doing pilates.

And decided to make another comforting meal, perfect for fall :)
Creamy mushroom soup loaded with cauliflower, broccoli, onion, and Shiritaki noodles. 

Heated up the onions, veggies, and Shiritaki tofu noodles.

Mixed together my soup on the stove (it got thick and creamy!!!)

And made a huge bowl for dinnnaaa.
Perfect marriage -- creamy soup and noodles (with hidden veggies).

Off to study study study.
I'm sorry all my posts will most likely be short and to the point... I need to learn how to prioritize a little bit better (because obviously you guys should be number 1 - after food... and my education).

ENJOY the beginning of a beautifully short week :)

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