Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sweet day, sweeter night

You know it's going to be a sugar-filled day, when your friend calls you and explains that there are THREE EXTRA LARGE SPRINKLES' CUPCAKES with your name on it.

I was kind of sold... I even skipped my nap for it.

Yesterday, all my sugary dreams came true.
I had never had the famous SoCal Sprinkles' cupcakes before -- I basically hadn't lived before that first bite, let me tellllll ya.

Of course, he also brought me some white chocolate macadamia nut cookies..
Which were warm and gooey and filled with all sorts of buttery deliciousness.

It's really hard to stop at just one.  But I managed to ween myself off the cookie binge -- in favor of a cupcake binge. upgrade!?

He brought us 3 of the 4 cupcakes pictured below :) which was just enough to satisfy my sweet tooth - obviously 2 cookies and 4 cupcakes would have killed me.  But 2 cookies and 3 cupcakes were just fine.... Wannnnna know the crazy-good flavors he picked out?

Strawberry creme, chocolate marshmallow, and red velvet!

Do you see the aftermath of our giant pig out??
Don't worry, I had help -- in the form of two fellow foodie friends :)

Although I've been a fan of the red velvet since the costco cake incident discovery, the Strawberry Creme pretty much stole the show.  It was rich and fluffy and.... creamy. 


After a quick trip to Trader Joe's (by quick I mean under the usual 2 hour minimum...), I took a quickie 20 minute nap and the roommates and I headed to the gym for an "active rest day."

If you're unsure of what that is, it's giving your body a break from cardio or lifting, but still doing something active that helps with the recovery process.

Our gym sesh included a 20 minute abs and back class and an hour of Power Yoga!
It was really refreshing... except for when you're in downward dog for like 45 minutes and you start to look the feeling in your arms. 

On our way back from the gym, Matt went there.  He said the two words that make me stop in my tracks and drool.... frozen yogurt?


So, we literallyyyy booked it home and made a quick and light dinner.. the anticipation was killler.

Golden sweet potato and maple sugar baked beans on top of a chopped salad with champagne pear vinaigrette.

For a quick 5 minute meal, this was damn good and I can see it making a couple of appearances in the future.  It was perfect.

But not as perfect as -----

English toffee, Ghirardelli chocolate, and Caramel Bananas Foster. 
I packed my own toppings :) cake cone, raisins, almonds, pistachios, and carob chips.

Warning: this part is NOT healthy living... oops :)
You know that feeling you get while you're getting to the end of your froyo cup?
It's kind of a mixture between depression and yogurty happiness?

Well, I know how to solve that problem.
Right after you finish your first cup of yogurt, go to YogurtLand and get another cup.
the change in location eliminates the possibility of being recognized by employees who already served you frozen yogurt -- five minutes earlier.

Excuse the ugly pic, I was rushing to work and eating and walking and snapping pics at the same time.

Coconut, expresso, chocolate, vanilla bean topped with everything.
red beans, coconut, mochi, oreos, and almonds! 


After work, I promptly came home to sleep (yes, I didn't shower... don't judge)
and I woke up at 6:50 to have a quick breakfast before the roommates and I headed to a spin class with our favorite, hard core instructor. 

I made two of my mom's Medifast chocolate chip pancakes for a protein-packed breakfast!

I love that when you think of "mom's chocolate chip pancakes" you think of ooey-gooey Sunday morning pancakes drenched in syrup....

Yet, I'm talking about a protein pancake.  Yep, my family's special. 
These things are delicious though (my mom likes to pretend she makes them as good as Ihop).

We rocked the spin class.
Our instructor was a definite improvement from the funeral-music-playing guy from my last class...

Then we headed to the Famers' Market!!
Where I froze my butt off picking out organic peaches and bell peppers :)

Sorry, this post is long!
Last thing: LUNCH from today came in the form of Pho Vegetarian & Tofu soup.

Okay that's all!
Sorry for the food picture/rambling overload...

I had a lot to catch you up on.
Love you guys!

Btw - housewarming party tonight.  Expect some crazy fun pictures :)

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